Truth About French Globalist Puppet Macron – The Banksters’ Boy To “Hope and Change” Europe

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It’s unfortunate that there’s only less than a week left before the French go to the polls and decide between a return to being France or cementing the end of Europe as groveling cur dogs subservient to the dictates of the EU from Brussels and Merkel in German, both acting through population and cultural displacement to create a homogeneous, soulless mass of humanity. If they had more time the French might realize the gravity of the fatal mistake of electing Emmanuel Macron president. We can hope for a repeat of the miracles of Brexit and President Trump’s election. We need one more with Le Pen.

Stefan Molyneux may help to educate the people of France, as he certainly has done for the English speaking in the United States and elsewhere. The video is a little bit long at just over an hour, break it down into shorter listening sessions if that works best but it’s all good information, he addresses several areas of concern that need to be more widely known and disseminated about Mr. Macron.

He documents the unlikely rise to prominence, wealth and golden “child” of the Rothschild candidate, his association with the current globalist establishment and the way he is a “made man” for the international power structure. Far from the outside the system “maverick” they attempt to portray Macron as, he is wholly the system’s tool, their candidate to thwart the will of the people and secure their control.

His description of Macron includes the quite odd marriage to a woman who is 24 years his senior, who was his teacher and who, over the objections of Macron’s parents, at the age of 15, apparently seduced him and may have taken over his pliable little mind.

He notes how Macron only recently provided any policy of substance, within the last couple of months, to his candidacy, and it still remains one of promise everybody what they want and hope nobody figures out what you’re doing. It’s literally based on the familiar platform of “hope and change,” something our recent history has proven to be woefully insufficient.

Most alarming is the matter of who controls this guy. He’s a globalist puppet and real trouble for France, the continent and the world lies ahead if he’s elected. Are the French people paying attention? Are they capable of steering to the right and avoiding the cliff? We’ll find out on Sunday. Listen to Molyneux’s explanation as to why they must and then share it around – quickly.

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    Now, where have we heard hope and change

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