Trump’s New Pit Bull – CNN, MSNBC Anchors Mauled By Sebastian Gorka

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Dr. Sebastian Gorka gets some high praise from Sean Hannity for his efforts in challenging the anti-Trump media on their own field, doing battle with CNN and MSNBC anchors on their programs. He tore them up, humiliating them on live television.

Hannity plays a montage of some of those greatest hits that is well worth watching, annihilating Anderson Cooper, Alisyn Camerota and some woman on MSNBC who you’d have to watch their crappy programming to know the identity of and realistically, it’s not important anyway.  [Video Below]

Hannity welcomes him to the interview with a chuckle over the beat downs, in which he had the upper hand in every instance. He asks why he decided to take it to them, to which Gorka replied, “Sooner or later somebody has to push back.” He says, “Somebody has to be the President’s pit bull and I’m ready, I’m gonna take it to them.”

He points out, “They had a reputation, CNN in the war zones, MSNBC, it’s gone like a puff of smoke. They have a credibility crisis, think about what they’re doing. They’ve been in this collusion delusion for nine months. Not one piece of evidence of evidence of any illegal activity and they spin and they spin.”

Gorka delivers tough love to the Trump-hating Fake News Industrial Complex

“They’re tanking,” says Gorka, “somebody has to make them wake up and I’m glad to help them.” It’s a tough love kind of thing, apparently, but they certainly didn’t look like they appreciated the benevolent manner in which Gorka says he was motivated to deliver the beatings.

Anderson Cooper waited until Gorka was gone and couldn’t shoot back to get the last word in and Alisyn Camerota just looked plain beaten up. She’s been looking that way a lot of the time, lately. It’s not easy pushing out fake news and betraying your President and country day after day.

Hannity remarks that he watched about eight minutes the night before of a CNN program before he couldn’t take it anymore and cut it off.  He describes what we all know who have done similar experiments, saying, “It was so shallow, so bitterly partisan, so absolutely factually inaccurate that he shut it off. After tweeting that out people’s response, he says, was to ask him why he wasted eight minutes of his life.

He goes down the laundry list of evidence of actual collusion on the part of the Democrats, noting that nobody else is talking about it. Hannity says, “This isn’t funny at this point.” Gorka credits a colleague will coining the term of fake news industrial complex, that there are two routes to success in the “news” business.

Gorka point to the CNN and MSNBC models of sensationalism with little concern for legitimacy of the product and the model that Fox News more closely aligns themselves with, that of accurate reporting based upon the nature of the stories and pursuing where they lead naturally. He says the fake news purveyors really do have a psychological issue, that they cannot believe that the American people chose Donald J. Trump to be President. As a result they’re in this bubble, they’re in this psychological crisis, they’re tanking, so they spin, they spin.”

Hannity calls what Gorka did this week “a line in the sand,” that it was important, “and it’s about time people start calling them out.”

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3 Comments on Trump’s New Pit Bull – CNN, MSNBC Anchors Mauled By Sebastian Gorka

  1. Great job, Dr. Gorka! It’s about time that the rest of the “elected” Republicans get on this bandwagon and protect their party’s interest(s). There is no place for fence riders or turncoats! EVERY Republican needs to be and should have been a bulldog for Trump. Trump appears to be more for the American people than the elected officials that are working against Trump and America!!! This is why a politician was not put into office. It’s because they are out for everything else except for the American citizen’s best interests!

  2. TONYA PARNELL // July 16, 2017 at 1:04 am // Reply

    TRUMP 2020

  3. Thank you, Dr. Gorka! And thank you, Sean Hannity! Always fun to watch the “bad guys” get a little flustered, red-faced and downright humiliated. You’re on a roll, Rick. Any news about Oregon’s new bill to make abortions free?

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