Trump Warns Obama Against Gitmo Jihadi Jailbreak, Doing It Anyway

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A terrorist’s best friend, White House jihadist Hussein Obama is not forgetting his comrades in arms who are locked up at Gitmo. While most of the world, be they Arab or otherwise, couldn’t point to Gitmo on a map and Obama’s allies in ISIS are having recruiting problems despite it supposedly being a “great recruiting tool,” he’s still determined to follow through on his false premised promise with an ISIS and al-Qaeda jailbreak.

As long as Obama is in office the terrorists effectively have the keys to their cells. The announcement that there would be more terrorists released came just a few hours after the President-elect tweeted out a warning against  removing any more prisoners from the facility.

Mr. Trump tweeted on Tuesday, “There should be no further releases from Gitmo. These are extremely dangerous people and should not be allowed back onto the battlefield.” Of course Obama never does what’s best for America and he doesn’t fight terrorists, he coddles them. He also would never honor the wishes of his successor. Obama’s global masters want the terrorists released and he’s put a lot of effort into creating the cover of a kangaroo review process so that he can get away with doing exactly that. There’s no stopping this madman.

Spokesliar Josh Earnest said, “I would expect, at this point additional transfers to be announced,” characterizing the release as more of the Obama effort to “clear detainees” from the prison. Earnest confirmed that the petty jihadist Obama would not factor Trump’s tweet into his decision-making, saying Mr. Trump would have “an opportunity to implement the policy that he believes will be more effective when he takes office on January 20.”

Peter Cook, the Pentagon’s press secretary, responded to Mr. Trump’s tweet, saying “We’re going to carry out the appropriate policies as set forth by the commander-in-chief with regard to Guantanamo Bay and the secretary of defense.” He added, The secretary of defense “is going to continue to carry out his responsibilities as appropriate until he’s finished as secretary of defense.”

There hasn’t been any doubt about Obama’s purpose as the White House jihadist for a long time. There also hasn’t been any shortage of evidence or cause to question the motivations of his actions. He’s made certain of that.

He’s concerned about ISIS terrorist recruitment so he’s letting them go. That can’t even make sense to a brain-dead liberal. He’s a terrorist puppet of the Muslim Brotherhood or other foreign powers and conspirators, working for the destruction of the United States and the creation of a North American caliphate. The terrorists work for the same people that he does and he’s going to set them free so they can be useful to their cause and fight the infidels.

They’ll probably wait until January 20th or after to attack us here, out of respect for Obama and to send a message to Mr. Trump. They can be sure he’ll pick up as many as he can once he takes office and there will be pressure exerted on those nations holding the terrorists to return them. That pressure is likely already being exerted, given Mr. Trump’s track record since winning the White House.

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