Trump Volunteer Tells Senate Intel Committee No Time For Their Hypocrisy Or Gotcha Trap

carter page

carter page

Most of America hasn’t heard of Carter Page, although most of them couldn’t name the Secretary of State or Attorney General either, but it seems like this mostly unknown, low level former Trump campaign adviser might have an inside track on notoriety. He’s clearly got more guts and sense of right and wrong than most of the members of Congress that he’s going to be hauled in front of to testify about communications he may have had with various Russians.

As the farcical Russia Trump collusion snipe hunt continues, the Senate Intelligence Committee sent out letters to individuals that have previously agreed to come testify before them voluntarily, individuals who were associated in various ways with the Trump campaign. One of those is Carter Page, who left little doubt in telling the Senators what they could do with their burdensome request for documentation regarding his contacts with any of those “dastardly” phantom Russians.

It is the manner in which Page refused the dictates of the US Senate that is attracting the attention on Fake News CNN. They’ve been pretty close-mouthed about the serial unmasker and political espionage operative, Susan Rice, and her decision to refuse to testify over her known spying on US citizens and revealing of their identities, acts which are potentially criminal and quite serious. That’s not a real story to a fake news network.

But let one Trump campaign volunteer refuse the mandates of Senators who want him to waste his time trying to reconstruct what they or the aforementioned Susan Rice must already have a full portfolio of, and they’re going to make a huge deal of it. He’s likely already figured out what they’re up to and determined he is not going to put himself at risk by playing their stupid little gotcha game.

These Senators, who haven’t done anything with the criminals Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Huma Abedin, Ben Rhodes or Jeh Johnson, just to name a few, have the nerve to attempt to make an example out of him. It doesn’t seem like that’s going to be tolerated by Page. They appear to be hoping that he or his fellow panelists for testimony make a mistake or leave something out in their providing of the requested info, an error that could potentially, since they’re not Democrats, leave them open for criminal prosecution.

Page wrote a letter in response to the Senators, stating, “I suspect the physical reaction of the Clinton/Obama regime perpetrators will be more along the lines of severe vomiting when all the facts are eventually exposed regarding the steps taken by the US government to influence the 2016 election.” That’s something worth paying money to see, potentially more entertaining than Clinton barking like a dog or going too long without her injections on the campaign trail.

The CNN bobble-head noted that Page has not yet supplied any information as to the basis for his assertions. Why bother with that either? They’re chasing an illegitimate non-story while they’ve sat passively for eight years as one criminal destroyed our nation and another was almost imposed upon us, with no interest in doing their jobs in pursuing either one. The information of the Clinton crimes is everywhere and Sheriff Arpaio has already done all the hard work for them on the Obama falsification. All they have to do is have hearings but they haven’t and likely won’t.

Forget about it, boys; Page is right about this. You’ve got no moral credibility and won’t have until you quit playing favorites and excluding the politically popular, powerful  and connected from accountability for their crimes. He was a lot nicer than he should have been much more civil than you deserved. Don’t press your luck.

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