President Trump Urges Citizens To Trust Him, Border Wall “Will Come Later”

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President Trump acknowledged on Thursday that he is working with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi on an amnesty plan for the illegal alien sub-category they like to romantically identify as “Dreamers.”

President Trump also confirmed that he will not require that funding for a border wall be included as part of the deal, saying that “will come later.” Really? We’ve seen how elusive later can be when it comes to border security. The border fence was approved in 2006 and only minimally constructed under open borders George W. Bush and Michael “Skeletor” Chertoff. It was obviously never even given a thought by Obama.

Pardon us for not accepting a border wall I.O.U. as the same thing as its completed construction, Mr. President. Would the Democrats and the illegals you now seem determined to pander to be so willing to accept an I.O.U. for their amnesty?

This was a campaign issue for two years and now 9 months into the administration. President Trump became a DACA devotee in the last week or two and yet he’s investing all of this political capital? Why? He’s alienating huge swaths of his base without cause but maybe there is a lack of understanding on his part in one critical area.

We’re nine months and two deadlines into the Trump administration and funding has still yet to be approved. As we continue to wait and fight it’s deliberately being slow walked by the establishment-owned leadership, the same ones who want the amnesty. They are the same forces that President Trump is now finding to be such great new partners in policy.

President Trump is quoted as saying GOP leaders in Congress are “very much on board” the deal he’s working on with the Democrats. That’s not surprising as most of them are owned by the US Chamber of Commerce. Trump must remember he wasn’t elected by Congress and in fact most of them don’t even like him and did not support him.

His responsibility is to the American people who want those 30,000 new American jobs per month for our citizens. The GOP leadership cares little for the everyday Americans struggling to make ends meet or for the fact that American jobs should be going to American citizens.

As President Trump was departing to visit Florida to view the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, he stated, “The wall will come later, we’re right now renovating large sections of wall, massive sections, making it brand new.” He said he will insist on “massive border controls” as part of his Dreamer bill. That’s known as fence maintenance, it’s far different from actual wall construction.

He’ll insist on massive, big border controls but he’s waiting for now because of …? And if he can’t provide specifics is he not just making vague general promises to deflect criticism for not standing and fighting or being able to deliver as he promised? Rather than doing the fiscally responsible but more difficult work of fighting for the wall now, he’s throwing our money on massive temporary fixes, if they even work, instead of a wall, that will still have to be funded separately.

If and when that temporary “big border controls” funding is interrupted, say by a Democrat President in 2020, they can quickly and easily revert to the open borders morass of today. A border wall is the definition of massive border controls, anything less is temporary and expensive, like renting rather than buying, with nothing to show at the end of the term.

Why should we accept a bait and switch now that he’s in the White House to something we’d have opposed in a candidate? Honor your commitment and your word, Mr. President and respect your constituents.


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14 Comments on President Trump Urges Citizens To Trust Him, Border Wall “Will Come Later”

  1. Rick.
    post are coming through fine now.
    sorry you had so much trouble with your server of late.
    and i KNOW how frustration that can be.
    and THANKS for all you do pard, and our group here are the BEST OF THE BEST OF PEOPLE.

  2. Yes, vague general promises, and bait and switch, have replaced specif promises. I believe most of us are all out of trust Mr. President.

  3. Our President needs to know that DACA are illegals and we want them gone!! Work on THE WALL, Mr. President! That’s what we need from you NOW! President Reagan gave amnesty to 8 MILLION illegals with the provision that the Wall would be built later. WHERE IS THE WALL?? Build it now!

  4. Our President asked us to “trust” him, the border wall “will come later.” I’m sticking with him – I don’t cry as easily as the rest of you. It’s the most corrupt congress in our history that betrayed us.

  5. Only a fool would think Pence could do any better. The only thing Pence would do is to undo the accomplishments Trump has already made. Our Constitution says that the President has the power and authority to make immigration policy and that Congress has the duty to pass laws that support those policies. The Judiciary has no power or authority to rule for or against the President on immigration issues. Trump does not have the support he needs to carry out his promises because our government is corrupt to the core. And it’s OUR fault for electing criminals into Congress.

    • Yes, Pence would be even worse. He has long been a globalist and best friends with Ryan. What we would have is a Ryan presidency.

  6. The border wall needs to begin being built NOW not later! The ‘repairs’ are not the issue and they should already be finished! What has happened to the funds that were passed by the House and Senate to begin the Border Wall?

    What we are hearing from President Donald J. Trump is not what we heard when he was running for office. Now we the people are beginning to wonder who is really leading the country wondering are we going left or are we going to save America which was under the Trump banner of ‘Make America Great’!

    What he is telling us now is that DACA is more important than the true people of this country who voted for him. Who is he listening to that is making him turn from the man we voted for to elect as president? All of the Conservatives that were with him are now gone and things have changed but not for the good. Trust is hard to give and if he cannot turn back to his promises then we will lose our once great nation and he will be just another politician wallowing with the Globalist.


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  9. Remember the poem about the snake that candidate Trump used to quote? Has he forgotten?

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