Trump Treated Woman Brzezinski As His Equal – Jackson Lee Demands He Resign

sheila jackson lee

Rep Sheila Jackson Lee begins her video by saying “I don’t know what to say.” “Absolutely nothing” would have been the best option in that case, but she instead chose to continue reading from the script. She knew what to say, whatever’s written down in front of her.

She’s got “a sense of hurt feelings” and since that’s not grounds for impeachment, she wants President Trump to quit for her. She uses the predictable gender defense as a reason the witch on MSNBC should not have to be accountable for what she says. She wants equality, as long as it includes a gender preference.

It’s understandable that Jackson Lee would be offended at President Trump “calling someone a psycho, with all of the individuals fighting for their lives, suffering from mental health needs.” If that struck close to home, Lee, maybe you should go ahead and resign yourself, it certainly seems to describe you. If not, then you understand that President Trump felt it was an appropriate description of the MSNBC psycho, Mika Brzezinski. That’s his opinion, it can differ from yours.

Lee also takes offense at an unqualified “professional woman” being attacked for her IQ, or lack thereof. That’s been a sore spot for Lee since the first time she opened her mouth in Congress. She says the question of beauty is “so sensitive,” something she may have picked up from watching the Science Channel, as she’s obviously got no firsthand experience in the matter. Lee uses the common defense she’s relied upon all of her life, saying that beauty should be from the inside. Then why get the face-lift, Lee?

She seems to be agreeing with President Trump that Brzezinski is a psycho, noting that his “Trumpcare” is denying mental health to crazy people like her. She chides President Trump in the strictest global citizen manner for tweeting in the morning and attacking human beings who happen to be Americans and happen to be the media.” They also happen to be rude globalist pigs, like yourself, Lee, and deserve everything they get.

Jackson Lee goes on to issue her demands, saying, “Well, let me tell you something, Mr. President, I’ve gone through as a member of the Judiciary Committee, impeachments.” Really, whose impeachment hearing did she sit in on? The guys who had it coming for the last eight years, Obama, Kerry, Johnson, Clinton and others, all skated. What impeachment did this lying commie go through? Or is she just exercising her right to be ignorant in a poorly structured declaration that she’s been reading up on the topic?

Lee says she can’t wait as long as it would take to oust the President in accordance with the Constitution, so, like a typical Democrat, she wants President Trump to simply obey her, calling for him to resign. She says enough is enough, she loves America, she loves these people. Sure she does, they’re commie Democrats and globalists just like her. She doesn’t love the real America, just the fundamentally transformed collective that she and the Obama deep state are working to turn us into.

At least she wasn’t bleeding from “her whatever” this time around.

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7 Comments on Trump Treated Woman Brzezinski As His Equal – Jackson Lee Demands He Resign

  1. We here in Texas view Sheila Jackson Lee as an complete embarrassment and the only thing that scares me more than her extreme ignorance and low IQ are the sub-human animals that elect her every term. Houston should be walled off.

  2. Hurt feelings, huh?! This is what 8 years of freaking Hussein did to America? Thank God above Hussein couldn’t run for office again! If he got another 4 years, Russia would have been able to walk in backwards waving good bye and could have taken over this great country! Thin skinned people whining and peeing their pants if somebody gives them back the same what they gave. I’m not anywhere close to being politically correct. If I hurt someone’s feelings, they more than likely had it coming. If I hurt someone’s feelings unintentionally, from what I say, that’s their problem. The people of this country used to have an alligator skin. Young men fought wars for this country and they didn’t wet their pants when the going got tough. Today’s politicians seem to be peeing their pants every time Trump opens his mouth because they don’t like what he says. Get the hell over it, he is our president and he’s not a politician. He’s exactly what we need to put this country back on track! So, buckle up, buttercups, we have a country to run with a REAL president this time. In the words of President Reagan, “Aw, GROW UP! President Trump isn’t going anywhere because he has a country to run!!! Rep Sheila Jackson Lee, your hair-do is “cockeyed”. I guess it fits your political views, huh? God bless America!

    • Well said, young feller. These sorry-assed lib’s are having trouble with the WH return to honesty.

  3. no one with the IQ of their shoe size gives a SHIT WHAT THIS STUPID BITCH SAYS ABOUT ANYTHING.

  4. Debra Prisk // June 30, 2017 at 10:47 am // Reply

    Why are these women so ugly, inside and out. Is that the only job they can get? I guess Demtards only vote for ugly women…(and I use the word women with a question mark)

  5. Patricia Anno // June 30, 2017 at 10:33 am // Reply


  6. The words that spew forth from their lips are unbelievably inane. Both SJL and Nancy Pelosi should be subjected to a 48-hr. involuntary commitment…so that they can be evaluated by a professional who can ascertain the degree to which they both have LOST mental capacity. These “libtard” whackos never learned the old adage that it’s better to keep your mouth closed and let people just think you a fool than to open it and remove all doubt!

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