Trump Thump – Activist Judge Putting Us All At Risk For His Political Agenda

trump robart


As political obstructionists impede the President of the United States from preventing terrorists from entering the United States, utilizing activist “so-called” judges as their implements of destruction, the threat is not being ignored in other countries. Knowing that the door is open and our hands have been tied by the anti-American enemies within has surely put their efforts to infiltrate “refugee” populations and other methods of entering our nation into high gear.

Pretending America isn’t the number one target of Islamic terror isn’t going to make it so and it isn’t going to make us any safer. It’s imposing a death sentence upon some anonymous Americans who will have the misfortune of one day finding themselves in the wrong place at the time as the Democrat-enabled terrorists choose to strike. Their lives will be taken or forever changed as the result of horrific injuries, all in the interest of Democrat political extremism and globalization.

Democrats and their globalist comrades as well as establishment Republicans like Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska, are responsible for the mayhem that they are making inevitable. The blame lies squarely with the Democrats, RINOs and judicial activists like “so-called” judge James Robart.

President Trump continued to press his case, drawing attention to the unlawful and inappropriate nature of the actions of the liberal Seattle usurper in his favored format, the tweet. On Sunday President Trump tweeted: (time zone difference affected the date on the tweets, please disregard it)

While President Trump did not elaborate on the specific nature of the threats, it’s a safe bet that the President of the United States is in a far better position to determine the risks they pose to our nation and to respond to them appropriately than a Seattle sweat hog stuffing his face with Ben and Jerrys’ flavor of the month, as he revels his “liberal superiority” and sips his Starbucks latte.

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