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The message to Congressional Republicans should be as clear as it is quickly becoming for the rest of us who supported and ushered Donald Trump into the Oval Office. Things are different now.

Far from merely failing to end DACA on day one or month one, President Trump is now firmly backing a Congressional amnesty for the illegals, and it’s not likely to stop with just that particular bunch. What’s to prevent his “big heart” and “love for the DREAMers” from including DAPA or other acronyms for screwing the American people as well?

What initially looked like a pretty slick move to put the responsibility for getting rid of DACA on the slumped-over shoulders of the feckless Congress now looks like a first step in Trump pressing an amnesty package, what they like to call “comprehensive immigration reform,” onto the American people.

It makes you wonder, how doctors and scientists were able to get Hussein Obama’s brain inside President Trump’s body without any scarring or recovery time. Democrats announced on Wednesday that they, not the Republicans, had reached a deal with President Trump to combine Hurricane Harvey relief funding with a debt ceiling extension into a continuing resolution, pushing off the fiscal deadlines until December.

Swamp creatures Pelosi and Schumer issued a joint statement after a meeting of Republican and Democrat leaders with the President, stating, “In the meeting, the President and Congressional leadership agreed to pass aid for Harvey, an extension of the debt limit, and a continuing resolution both to December 15, all together. Both sides have every intention of avoiding default in December and look forward to working together on the many issues before us.”

Here we go again, headed towards the now familiar “pass anything so we can go home for Christmas” end of the year sellout to the Democrats. The agreement is expected to be introduced by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell this week, but who knows, perhaps the real leader, the globalist Democrat Chuck Schumer will be tapped.

McConnell’s feckless inability to get anything done is costing him in prestige. President Trump knows Democrats, united against America, are united nonetheless and making a deal with them is actually making a deal. There is no real leadership on the Republican side and what does exist is no more favorable to President Trump than the Democrats, just publicly lest nasty.

An aide who had been briefed on the meeting said the GOP leaders had sought an 18 month debt ceiling hike, then fell back to a six month and finally capitulated as they always do, to the three months Democrats demanded. They want to be able to use it again for future, December negotiations.

Those who fear President Trump may be continuing a dangerous course of action and non-action with the left that has included allowing Hillary Clinton and her criminal syndicate to get away with treason, espionage and other voluminous offenses can’t help but be concerned with comments made later aboard Air Force One.

In describing the meeting to reporters, President Trump said, “We had a very good meeting with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. We agreed to a three-month extension on debt ceiling, which they consider to be sacred — very important — always we’ll agree on debt ceiling automatically because of the importance of it.” So much for the tough negotiator never telegraphing his punches. The fact that he didn’t mention the Republican leaders indicates that they, like us, were clearly being sent a message.” 

Even more concerning were his comments on illegal alien amnesty in which he said, “We discussed that also today, and Chuck and Nancy would like to see something happen, and so do I. And I said if we can get something to happen, we’re going to sign it and we’re going to make a lot of happy people.” Few of those happy people will be the forgotten American people who voted for him, that’s certain. 

Adding to concerns, Pelosi and Schumer included similar messaging in their statement, saying, “we also made it clear that we strongly believe the DREAM Act must come to the floor and pass as soon as possible and we will not rest until we get this done.”

With Trump now allied with the Democrats, no mention was made of the fact that the border wall we were first promised in January, then May and then September is now being pushed to next year. This is starting to resemble a betrayal in motion. Many of us have denied the warning signs hoping that there was another angle to the Trump maneuvers that we didn’t see and a stroke of brilliance in accomplishing our agenda would suddenly appear.

Increasingly it seems that the stroke of brilliance may have been in President Trump securing our support for what is now a globalist administration full of Obama holdovers. We may have to accept an ugly reality that we’ve been played. God help this nation if we have.


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36 Comments on TRUMP Teams Up With PELOSI And SCHUMER – GOODBYE WALL, Hello DREAM Act

    he said it RIGHT.

  2. Since I’m not as smart as someone who now plays 4D chess I can’t see the benefit in this fiasco.

    The government has been shut dozens of times and never a default. In fact we have more than enough revenue to pay ALL our obligations and ONLY unnecessary gov. services are shut down. No one in Congress would ever vote against “disaster” aid funding. If we keep raising the debit limit we will eventually NOT be able to pay our obligations. We are well over 100 Trillion $$ in unfunded liabilities.

    What us intelligently challenged would do is:
    Have a news conference and call out the Congress for a disaster package only for immediate signing or face the victims for their heartless disregard. Disaster only funding on desk right away.

    Have a news conference explaining “Government Shut Down” and it’s non impact. The savings will reduce the debt and fund the wall. Then list and call for “MY” budget to be on my desk.

    Have a news conference explaining each of my campaign promises, in detail with savings and need to MAGA, and explain to Congress that until the bills are not on my desk I will campaign against each and all that are not sending me MY bills. (repeal 0care – no replace, deport, tax reform, gov out of health care), etc. I’m done with the con man unless he proves to be a man of his word.

    Going along with the enemy, who will never be on your side, doesn’t seem so smart to me. Never accept what your enemy offers you, it’s like the Palestinians offering peace for land.

  3. I do believe this is bull ! I will stand by Trump and believe in what he campaigned on !! He will not bow especially to ANY of Killary’s corrupt sell out America THUGS in seats !! I think the swamp is gonna be full !!

  4. For eight months, House and Senate “leaders” have acted on behalf of the “establishment” to prevent PT from accomplishing the things he promised in his campaign. He needs to eliminate or circumvent that blockade. I hope he is temporarily using Pelosi and Schumer to get past the blockade and, in so doing, inflicting tremendous political damage upon those who represent the “establishment”. A giant step forward in his mission to drain the swamp. My bet remains on President Trump.

  5. i agree with you Maxine in your longer post.
    i feel we just have to play a WAIT AND SEE, ABOUT THE NEAR FUTURE OVER THIS THEN DECIDE.’

  6. Honorable USA citizens, how does it feel being shot in the ass. Beware, you may receive a letter from you government notifying you that you will be deported to make room for illegals.

  7. i have to agree with you jerry.

  8. you know Rick, i’m not one to give up easily, but i am now wondering if WE THE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN GIVEN A ROPE A DOPE? hell i even warned Trump myself in tweets, before i was suspended by twitter and personal messages at the .gov deal.
    so i am waiting to see the END GAME ON SOME OF THIS STUFF.

  9. Rick, So sickened by this! I have loss almost All hope! If any is left. Kept waiting for Trump to hammer down. Instead seems he is sunk in DEEP by the demorats, Globolist, liberals, Illegals, (not at all the AMERICAN PEOPLE! Way to much has happened. His Cabinet, (Conservatives gone) Globokust in. AG, Sessions swimming with the Maggots! The Demo rats all there with Sessions? One of the most Important jobs is AG, To get any of the Swamp Maggots arrested. Trump has sat back and let them all take Control! He was warned, (Many Conservatives in support of him) Lou Dobbs, Sean Hannity, ACLJ, Judge Jeanie, Alex Jones, Salvage, Stone,Many more! Everyone has been WONDERING WHAT TRUMP IS THINKING. To much has happened, Gave these Criminal sell out Evil Rats all the power. Feels like we are under OBARFF’S Administration, they are in control. Not the President. I am Convinced, nothing great is coming from Trump, He is surrounded by all the Wrong people and has let it happen! So much for the American People! Civil War, is the Only thing to try and take back our Country. Every Conservative across the Country, (Strike out on all taxes!) Keep bitching they work for us? Well that’s a way to have a Massive impact! Business owners, Quarterly, employee, all taxes, stores, house taxes, DMV, IRS, STATE, etc. Need to get Millions and hit them this way! It will SHUT DOWN ALL! I have supported Trump with every breath I have. Just Something rubs me Wrong at this point, The Rich and famous making decisions regarding All the rest of our Lives. They need to walk in our shoes to really get it, And I thought Trump Did get it, in-spite of his billions! You all need to remember, there Family’s are not IMPACTED, by the Criminals, cuts, bills, money, cost of living etc. Never will be. They live a whole different life, Most could only dream of, Including Trump.

    • There’s a lot of folks who think Trump has some grand scheme he’s going to unveil that will leave us all saying “bravo, what brilliance.” I’m not one of them. I feel betrayed but I’m still hoping for the best. I had eight years of demonstration to the value of a “presidency” built on hope.

      • I HAD been one with hope. The writing on the wall, tells all.

      • Seriously, exactly What did the Dems get? They got a three-month extension, and they are claiming they are the Great Negotiators of this Deal–LOL! With only 12 Congressional work days in Sept, 3-month was going to happen anyway. That this came down to a 12-Day “Rush-to-get-things-passed” BS was Ryan/McConnell’s supporting the Dems obstruction. The NOW “We only have 12 days to get the budget, tax reform, emergency funding, compromise, compromise, compromise, blah, blah, blah…” What lies! PT JERKED the Rug out from under these lying schemers! I LOVE IT! Sooooo, Congress, what Obstructing lies are you going to spew out now. What is going to delay the Budget, Tax Reform, etc. now? Maybe more Russian Fairy Tales–don’t think so!

        • Jerry, glad you see a positive side of this and still have faith! I am looking at the “BIG PICTURE” First rats will take Credit, helps them at re-Election. If it was going to happen anyways, Why is Trump negotiating with this Scum? I thought we had the House, Senate, Congress? Guess not with spineless sellouts. Next, most important, why is Trump negotiating DACA? Are you kidding me. Demorats voting Poll! They vote Demorats, let alone a major burden to the American people! And that includes there, Parents, grandparents, children, Siblings, then it will be cousins, extended family’s. BS. If you looked at the Dreamers out protesting, Ask yourself How did they take off work? Disrespect spewing out there Mouths for DJT, & our Country! most can’t speak English. DEPORT ALL OF THEM. How can you not see this. On top of, if Trump makes a deal, gives amnesty, believe me DemoRats will get all the Credit. Americans I know want them all out. This is why we voted Trump. I have made it my mission to Support Trump, be active in every way I know possible. Petitions, Getting word out, sending emails, faxes, calls, to representatives all over! I feel like I am beating a dead horse. (Trump said EVERY AMERICAN) Well, yea he is a business man. Big on jobs. Give him that. What about, Retired, SS, People actually Ill, with Chronic Disabilities? Me, one of them? Shit ass Medical! CA, sold me out on my SSDI, I paid into for yrs (got it now, so some illegal can have it!) I happen to have Cystic Fibrosis, and sick of these Corupt evil Politicians in charge. Have a triple whammy here in CA! I am not a selfish person, and have fought for the better of our Country, the Children, the future, not me, as nothing Trump talked about was for the poor, disabled, SS, SSDI,especially for rare disease. Was hoping in time, he would address these things. Does he even know, a lot of people don’t work? I for one am sick and tired of the Illegals, the liberals, the Millennium, Dreamers who are the Free free free, who have drained this Country, Given every Real Disabled person a bad name, Since everyone of these losers are being put on SSDI, SSI! A major issue which Trump should be Addressing. All part of NWO. Then you can ask, since the rats managed to out Flynn, (conservatives begged Trump to bring him back)First mistake! Now all his Conservative base is gone. AG Sessions? In the Swamp with the Maggots! Don’t plan on any of the Crimminals getting locked up. Sessions and his democrat Department of Justice! He did not stop the Mueller fake investigation, and Trump did NOT Take the Control and Fire all of them. He can own this now. Is it all show boating? Even ACLJ,has been in disbelief with how Trumps AG Is protecting HRC, OBAMA, COMEY ETC. Questioning if it is Trumps house? Then Kelly, Running Trump! A lot to question with him. McMaster in for the Take down of Trump. There to escort him out the door.That’s a no brainier. He is a Globalist as big as they come. So anti-Trump against all DJT’S Agenda! No, I am done. I have hoped, believed, waiting for the Magic Trump take down card. But I am not stupid, nor going to be blinded, as I can clearly look at Actions and they speak loudly to me. I wish Trumps base would start ringing the WH Phone off the hook, The people he has clearly forgotten. And by the way, why has he not even gone after Soros? Like to know what is happening to those Petitions signed at WH? Humm, Soros, Muslim Brotherhood orgs, (terrorist orgs) Antifa, BLM? Please James, show me the light here.

  10. Rick, a little more Patience. There is no “Real” Majority/Minority, just the Uni-Party/Swamp–Uni-Party does not care who is Majority, as long as they can all continue to feed at the trough! Today, PT just JERKED the rug out from under that Snake Ryan: How Sweet that this lying POS got laid out. McConnell got laid out also! What are Ryan/McConnell going to do now? Play games holding back Harvey/Irma funds? The three-month extension was going to happen anyway–after much wasted time, debate, blah blah blah–PT just played this Joker Card immediately: Boom! Done for Now! Next! Tax Reform? ObamaCare? (I say Tax Reform, as ObamaCare is imploding by itself.) PT does not have even 25% of his Administration Appointees approved yet: Repubs are the Real Obstruction. (Repubs willing contributed to the “Russia” Fairy Tale.) PT is playing his cards in a mostly deliberate order. The Obama/Clinton/Comey/etc. Criminal Cartel? Next Card to play looks like Comey to me? BTW, I forgot e verify for work above.

    • We’ll be over 25% through his first and possibly only term with no border financing and you know, I would imagine, the pathetic record the GOP has with the last minute negotiations of continuing resolutions and their propensity for surrender. You can be patient and I don’t fault you for doing so – my job is to point out potential problems and hopefully head them off. I hope you’re right and everything comes up roses – but it might not. To me it looks like Trump got played by the Dems and may not even realize it. They got what they wanted, GOP got nothing, Trump got nothing. They would have passed aid either way and Trump should have held his ground on the funding for the wall, in my opinion. Time will tell which of us is right – hopefully it will be you.

      • You are exactly right, GOP got nothing. Gee, same ol’ same ol’. GOP, nothing done. (except not so subtle subterfuge.) But President Trump got multiple things: 1. Immediate Initial Funding for Harvey/Irma. (Trump keeps word and is Action Hero.) 2. Stuck it to Snake Ryan and McConnell–They got nothing done for 8 months, PT does this in a week. 3. Not GOP, Not Dems, but PT got things done. 4. There are only 12 Congressional work days this month. Three-month extension was going to happen anyway–Boom! Done! Next! Meanwhile, Russia Fairy Tale is dying–no there there. Comey is being exposed. PT is stumping multiple States for Tax Reform. Did you notice all the Racism, Division, Hatred, etc. that has been pushed by MSM displayed in Harvey/Texas struggles? Neither did I. It would have been literally impossible for PT to do all his promises in first few months–the Swamp alone prevented that. BUT, I see PT setting up the pieces all along. I totally believe PT is playing Dems and Repub/Rinos–we will see!

  11. ID VOTE FOR HER IN A HEARTBEAT, if i thought she had a chance TO WIN?

  12. we will SEE Jerry.
    but because i go by what people say then HOW THEY ACT LIKE I SAID BEFORE.
    after he was elected he SAID HE DIDN’T WANT TO HURT THE CLINTONS.
    WHEN DURING THE CAMPAIGN HE said she needed in jail, and people have been SCREAMING LOCK HER UP FROM DAY ONE.

  13. My, my, my. Take a chill pill fellow Deplorables. You are focusing on the Red Flag being waved. President Trump knows exactly what he is doing. All Dems, most Repubs: All Uniparty. PDJT completely understands this. He is playing the Swamp Scum. He is playing both sides. What I see happening: Wall Up, RAISE, Act., Tax Reform, and the give: A path for Dreamers. It is all connected–Trump is playing the long game.

    • I don’t recall the wall being offered as a “maybe in a year or so we’ll start a wall” and we’re willing to let the minority dictate to the majority, including those who supported him. Don’t remember him saying he was going to let Clinton and the rest of the criminal Dems walk either. Trust but don’t verify doesn’t work for me – blind faith is dangerous when it’s placed in a human of any kind. That’s the way libtards do things and I ridicule them for their baseless acceptance of Obama’s questionable acts – it’s not who American patriots are unless they are fools deserving to be conquered.

  14. So it’s Judge Jeanine for President 2020?

  15. HowardMacKinnon // September 7, 2017 at 10:03 am // Reply

    I’m still in shock over this. Does DJT realize he’s playing right into their hands? The dems will take credit for this action which will strengthen their party. DJT needs to remember that daca & their families are all democrats. Goodbye 2nd term. Still cannot believe he met with 2 of the sleeziest dems & sided with them.


  17. Nancy Vinal (Watcher) // September 7, 2017 at 8:52 am // Reply

    Disappointing… but many people who were familiar with “New York” construction/mafia politics told anyone who was “Trump-Training” what he was. Leopards do NOT change their spots, even when somebody wraps them in a flag.
    ,,,, So now what?… Are the betrayed people going to stop PAYING these criminal scammers every April 15th?
    As long as they are being paid to do what they have done and are doing, they will continue to have smug smirks on their faces.

  18. well.
    even if they pass this the COURTS still have the LAST SAY, BECAUSE IT WILL BE UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

    • James, think it is pass time for us Conservatives to even think we have Law & order let alone go by the Constitution! Not in effect anymore, even when it comes to the Courts. If that is the case why is Trump even negotiating with these evil Criminals? Sickens me. Picture says a thousand words. How could he put himself in a room with these Swamp Maggots! We are under Siege with NWO On the way. Globalist and Rats are in Charge. Obama placed all his Swamp maggots in high places, everywhere! On top of the Muslim takeover in full force, here on US Soil. Trump has not touched one of them! Instead he is making bed fellows with them. Civil War IMO: Only Answer. Trumps forgot his base.

  19. So the swamp has claimed another victim, the president obviously isn’t working for the American people, he won’t be getting my vote again, as if it matters, what a spineless, wimp Trump turned out to be,very disappointing, he keeps it up he’ll lose his support and that will be the end of him and his so called presidency

  20. Once again it looks as if the demoncrats have hoodwinked a duly elected Republican president into doing their bidding. That’s what happened to “NO NEW TAXES”, George Bush. He caved into the democrats and allowed them to enact NEW TAXES, and it helped to cost him reelection to a second term. What is wrong that Republicans don’t have the balls to stand up to the demoncrrats for “We the People” who voted them in to do a specific job? Look at the gloating faces on those three assholes in the picture with Trump–McConnell, Schumer, and Pelosi. We have to get term limits to get rid of people like them!

  21. This could be the end of something we all hoped and prayed for…

  22. HowardMacKinnon // September 7, 2017 at 7:09 am // Reply

    No, No, No. Something is seriously wrong here. End daca. Deport illegals. That is what we voted for.

  23. I have a friend who lives in NYC, and when I was up there a few months ago met him for lunch. He always was a socialist and Democrat, but I repeat myself. He said to me “Trump is com man and a liar, he always has been”. I said we’ll see how handles his promises.

    Another person I know who was slow getting the Trump train eventually became a big fan, He went too the inauguration, knows Joe Pollak, and some of the other team. I said we need to start looking for someone to continue the agenda after Trump’s terms. He said “Ivanka”. I replied no way, she’s a socialist, and he said no problem by then we can afford it.

    Looks like we got played, and the end game may be the princess. IMO, I don’t know why they would, but if they impeach Trump they put their man Pence in place, and still have Ivanka next time, “to get back on track” with Trump’s agenda.

    Never did I think we’d come this America, but Amerika it is.

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