Trump Taunts “Always Russia” Dems, Shutout ‘US Media’ – WH Photos Of Russians By Russian

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There’s simply no pleasing the mainstream “lie and cry” media that attempts to pass themselves off as journalists these days. As the report in RT points out, the fact that a Russian photographer took photos of the Russian Foreign Minister meeting with President Trump somehow struck a nerve with the perpetually peeved propagandists.

After the closed-door meeting photos were taken by both the Russian and American photographers, with the Russians releasing some of the ones they took. The Morning Joe the RINO program called the pictures shameful because they weren’t taken by the US-registered America-hating never Trump press corps.

Fake News CNN ran an article citing their customary anonymous source, stating that the United States had been trolled by the Russians, that they had been tricked with the release on Twitter of the photos. Sarah Huckabee Sanders stated that there is nothing to that report or the commotion, that there was one photographer per side and it was business as usual.

On top of the photographer false controversy, President Trump is seen robustly shaking hands with Russian Ambassador, Sergey Kislyak, the Russian official used by the Democrats to manipulate the ousting of General Michael Flynn as well as the recusal of Attorney General Sessions on issues related to the bogus Russian investigation.

President Trump seems to be clearly sending a message that he’s had all he’s going to take of the incessant sniveling, whining, threats and accusations coming from the leftists and their lapdog media. If they want to spin themselve into a frenzy, he’s given them plenty of ammo.

RT media analyst Lionel describes the events as “the best thing to happen, because there’s going to come a point, and I think we’ve hit it now, where Americans and the ‘American’ media, are not going to be able to hear the word ‘Russia’ anymore without just toning it out. We have hit Russia fatigue. We have been habituated to this name, this concept, it’s everywhere. And what we’re also being conditioned to, which is more important, is no evidence of any wrongdoing but loads of suspicion.”

He adds, “But so help me, if there weren’t pictures taken. If there wasn’t a photographer from any news agency, now that would have been something. Imagine that – no photographers. But instead we’ve got a photographer or two but we’re arguing, help me out with this, on who the photographer was and with whom the photographer works. But we’re looking at the picture that the photographer took. Now this makes no sense to me whatsoever.”

They also note that later in the same day, President Trump met with the Ukrainian Foreign Minister. The photo they show was likewise provided by the Ukrainian embassy and also taken in the Oval Office but because it’s not Russia, there’s no allegations of impropriety and no frothing-mouthed hand-wringing by the crooked ‘American’ propaganda corps.

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  1. Larry/vietnamvet1971 // May 12, 2017 at 7:45 pm // Reply

    here you go for ALL you poor disturbed Loony liberals…spell RUSSIA over & over then say it out loud over & over it is good therapy. Poor cry babies…..KOOKS!

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