Trump Surrounded By Swords, Security In Saudi Arabia – Secret Service Nightmare

Trump surrounded by swords


What a nightmare this trip to Saudi Arabia must be for the Secret Service, the opportunities for a harm to come to President Trump are literally everywhere. How does one determine which guy with the sword held above his head is the bad guy, if there is a bad guy in the mix, and which are just dancing along in their normal celebratory customary way? Everybody in sight would, under other and more normal circumstances, be considered a threat, disarmed, and taken to the ground.

There’s a heavy security presence, for certain, with shoulder to shoulder guards front and rear of President Trump and other officials. There are also guys moving suddenly in the performance of their dance routine, many of them waving swords around as they do. The noise level makes the attention to visual keys and vigilance that much more critical. Nothing happened, the party went off apparently without a hitch, but it clearly was a situation filled with ways things could easily have gone wrong in a major way.

In front of President Trump is a line of Saudi’s in their traditional “cafe table cloth” pattern head gear, between the security and President Trump.  They and others in that area are likely members of the royal family and other trusted individuals. Some families, even in Saudi Arabia, have crazy uncles and disturbed nephews. It only takes one.

While they were allowed to play with their swords at their mostly male affair, at least their guns were taken away. There are some situations where gun control is a good thing. This is definitely one of those.

Ceremony and pageantry are a big deal for some people, like Hussein Obama, who considered himself to be better than the rest of us and deserving of his “majestic” stature and treatment. President Trump, despite the smile, seems to be less than enthused about bobbing up and down to the drum beat, the chanting and the sword waving.

He’s happy to do it in service to the country. Building a relationship requires it as part of making the best deals. But keeping him safe in the process can’t be an easy task. Careful Mr. Trump, that guy behind you looks like Jake Tapper – could be an ambush.

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3 Comments on Trump Surrounded By Swords, Security In Saudi Arabia – Secret Service Nightmare

  1. Andrew W. Matheson // May 21, 2017 at 8:32 am // Reply

    So Trump is in the Middle East! I find it Hard to Believe Rump will “Kiss Ass” to the Saudis. The Iranians are NO BETTER Either as I See It. As I Honestly Believe IT, If Anything I’ll put My Trust in ISREAL Long B 4 I’ll Trust any Muslim State. At Least Isreal is a Demicratic Country and is ALLIED With the Americans. Something that Jerk 0bama can’t seem to Stomach considering he is a Closet Muslim Allied with the Muslim Brotherhood.


  2. Check out Nick Fafa on Twitter to see the best side by side pics of the obama bowdown to the Saudi king and the Saudi king’s bowdown to Trump. I’d post it but I don’t know how.

  3. The reason our Founders put our God-given right to bear arms into our Constitution was to protect ourselves from the tyranny of government.

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