Trump Supporters Fight Back Against Pepper Spraying Obama Soros Thugs

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There are many who feel that the open season on Trump supporters and conservative, patriotic Americans has been allowed to continue for too long already and it’s time to fight back. These Trump supporters in Huntington Beach were attempting to have their demonstration in support of the President and his promise to enforce our borders and make our nation great again.

Ironically, the man who is arguably the biggest fascist in the world, George Soros, has militant troops at his disposal, labeled as the ANTIFA, anti-fascists. It’s an exercise in misdirection, something the vile subhuman billionaire has made a lifelong practice. His agitators or those of Obama’s OFA, descended on the Trump supporters and got physical. This time they got a taste of their own medicine and some time behind bars.

As the video shows from approximately the 1:26 mark, the bald Trump supporter in the sun glasses is responding to aggression against his wife, who was apparently pepper-sprayed by the guy in the tan hat. He points him out to the guy in the white shirt with the gray hat, who heads over to have a word with him, shoving him. As he does another agitator intervenes, whose cell phone goes flying as he’s punched. As if on cue, the tan hat agitator immediately switches to photographer mode. It appears that they were baiting the peaceful Trump demonstrators for something to photograph and use against them.  It’s just like they used to do during the campaign.

As he wailed away on the intervening agitator, who had a bullhorn hanging from his side and was clearly, with the tan hat photographer an agitator leader, a woman Trump supporter in an American flag cowboy hat, one of the local event organizers, tried to break things up and is pepper-sprayed. The hooligan who did it may have been the one who started the whole brawl, or it could have been tan hat boy as well. Pepper spray is brought to the rally with only one purpose in mind and all of them are there to cause trouble.

Assaulting one of their women is something the Trump folks don’t take lightly, though there was a lot of jaw flapping and not much action from most of the participants. A few of the Trump supporters take care of business and delivered the message that needed to be delivered.

Even the bald-headed guy with the Trump flag, identified as Travis Guenther, did little more than hit him with it from a safe distance, although he did seem to be using a cane. If you’re going to get into a fight it’s a lot like cold water, you might as well jump in. If you’re going to defend the lady’s honor, do it. If not, quit pretending, it’s emasculating; especially when the perpetrator had a body more closely resembling that of a girl than a man. Your little hollow-flag pole hurts nobody.

The anti-American forces are not going to allow demonstrations in support of our President to take place unchallenged and undisrupted. Maybe it is a good thing that they got, to the limited degree that they did, physical in response. It’s a first step and it’s clear that more events will undoubtedly be disrupted by the Soros / Obama thugs. Lots of possible retaliations come to mind, we’re all creative people.

The police are seen arresting two of the thugs on video and a third, the ISIS impersonator in the black mask who pepper sprayed the cowgirl organizer, was picked up by the California Highway Patrol. He had jumped a fence and was running along the Pacific Coast Highway when he was apprehended.

Sure, Soros or Obama will be covering his fines, attorney fees and expenses for their outlaw foot soldiers, but the jail time and the criminal record will all belong to him. They came to the event to disrupt it, looking for trouble and came armed with tear gas and who knows what else to use in that pursuit.

Hopefully they got the daylights or something else beaten out of them. This is an appropriate initial response to Soros / Obama thuggery and their continuing assault on the citizens of the United States and our Constitution. Prison time and heavy fines, RICO charges against those at the top, should also be forthcoming. We imagine Attorney General Sessions is already working on that aspect of the situation.

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6 Comments on Trump Supporters Fight Back Against Pepper Spraying Obama Soros Thugs


  2. Have Gun,Will Travel

  3. We’re mad as hell…And we’re not going to take it anymore.

  4. Freddie Arthur Hisle // March 26, 2017 at 7:01 pm // Reply

    Too bad all of the agitators were not beat to a pulp. Everyone of the thugs should have been rickshawed to an emergency room within 50 miles.

  5. TONYA PARNELL // March 26, 2017 at 6:39 pm // Reply

    Time to start putting some WHOOP ASS on those coward agitators

  6. Yes this is promoted by Obama and Soros and gets to pretty regular. They are the ones instigating the violence. How long before one of them gets shot? It’s only a matter of time. Then who will be to blame?

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