Trump Supporters Excluded From Illegal Alien Rep Rally – Bullhorn Her Hypocrisy

norma torres racist bullhorn


On Friday California Congresswoman Norma Torres, a former illegal alien, held an event in which those who oppose illegal immigration and the destruction of the United States through open borders were excluded. The event took place in Ontario, California, approximately 35 miles east of downtown Los Angeles.

Some Trump supporters who wanted to attend were denied a ticket and told to stand aside, that they would be given a seat if there were any left afterwards. As the video indicates at the end, one of the America-supporters who was denied entry was able to get a look inside and found there were still plenty of seats available. They just weren’t going to let the opposition in in the manner that may Republicans systematically had their meetings destroyed by Obama’s OFA agitators.

One of the first Democrat tactics was to require their opposition to sign up and provide their addresses, giving them a supposed premise for the inevitable exclusion. The clerks handling the rejection detail are questioned as to why they aren’t being the inclusive and open Democrats that they profess to be as they continue with their exercises in hypocrisy. The girl just smiles as their prejudice and discrimination is pointed out to them, lacking a response other than “we’re asking everybody to sign in.”

A bullhorn is brought into the exchange with it becoming abundantly clear that the police are not going to allow the anti-invasion protesters anywhere near the inside of the building. They might as well make the most of the opportunity and protest the assault on our Constitution that is taking place. They point out that the police are assisting in the violation of our Constitution by helping the corrupt Congresswoman exclude them from the meeting. They’re not interested, they’re not there for a debate, they just want to keep the two sides separated and let their meeting continue without disruption. They’re there to keep the peace.

Of course if it were a Trump meeting or a conservative speaking engagement it would be a different story, violence would be tolerated and intrusion would be expected. But police treat Democrats with respect in California. Trump and Constitution supporters, as most vividly demonstrated in San Jose and Berkeley, are on their own.

The bullhorn says it best – “Norma Torres discriminates against American citizens. Norma Torres is a racist.” Her agenda is to turn America into Mexico.


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