Trump Substitute Executive Order Likely To Sidestep Activist Liberal Judges


The door for terrorists to enter the United States was already wide open and the welcome mat out after the destructive eight year reign of Hussein Obama. That door is off the hinges and all of the windows have now been flung open after the decision of the “so-called judge” in Seattle was upheld by the “so-called 9th circuit judges” in appeal. It’s undeniable that there is a lot of liberal trash left lying around the courtrooms of America following Obama’s tenure and it seems we may not be able to dispose of it right away. Most of it is going to continue to rot away and stink up our justice system for a while. The best option for the time being may to hold your breath and to just step around it, being careful not to get any on you. That is what the White House now appears to be doing.

President Trump may have decided to let the anti-American liberals have their little victory celebration, one that aside from allowing a few terrorists into the United States, all hopefully headed for their new homes in the Seattle and San Francisco areas, will ultimately prove meaningless. They can have their victory on that executive order, he’ll just write a better one.

According to NBC News, White House lawyers have been hard at work drafting a replacement for the current one, with libtards having now defined the points of contention to be corrected. They’ve exposed their weak, unconstitutional case and arguments, arming the administration with the information needed to counter with a new executive order that is more able to withstand their politically based challenges.

According to NBC, the effort began several days prior to the release of the agenda-driven decision by the 9th circuit kangaroos. Although the administration still believes it will be victorious in court, the potential consequences are too high stakes to trust to another potentially erroneous judicial decision.

The law is clear, the President has the authority to do what he just did. It’s so clear that the judges have in every case refused to reference or include the law in their decisions, as they are completely incompatible. The wording in the new Executive Order may well reference specific sections and quotes from the law in the declarations so as to make it more difficult for such tactics to be employed.

There is clearly a cadre of agitators in black robes whose purpose is to distort the law and provide rulings based upon conjecture and any other DIY substitute for legal jurisprudence they care to come up with. There is no reason to believe that Ginsberg, Sotomayor or Kagan, leading members of the liberal legislate from the bench crowd, would break with their fellow ideologues and rule appropriately, consistent with the Constitution.

The Supreme Court, at eight members, four of them liberal judicial activists, is simply not a viable option. To count on them constitutionally is at best a crap shoot and a risk that should not be taken. Eliminating the legal challenge by drawing up a new executive order that circumvents the most relevant points of contention or effectively counters them in the order seems to be the most responsible and wisest course of action.

The NBC White House source indicated that a new executive order could be forthcoming, “very soon.” 

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