Trump Under His Skin – CNN’s Caustic Acosta Obsessed, Yelling About Cameras Being Off

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Caustic Jim Acosta, one of the fake news finest at CNN, is in the media business to become a star, it appears, and the fact that the cameras have been turned off in the press briefing room, what Acosta refers to as showboat section #1, is really eating at him. President Trump seems to have gotten to him, which can only mean more briefings of this type are in his future.

As Sean Spicer is calling on another reporter, Acosta is his typical rude self, talking over her and Spicer in complete absence of any respect for his peers or the White House staff. As he calls on “Jen,” Spicer delivers a jab at Acosta, saying, “There’s no camera on, Jim.” That’s all it took.

Acosta immediately takes his level of intensity up a couple of notches, saying, “Well maybe we should turn the cameras on, Sean. Why don’t we turn the cameras on? Why don’t we turn the cameras on?” Spicer apologizes to “Jen” sarcastically, telling her he’s sorry that she has to…”Go ahead Jen” as Acosta keeps hammering away. “Why don’t we turn the cameras on, Sean? They’re in the room, the lights are on…”

Jen is able to finish her questions, one of which was about President Trump holding a press conference. Acosta then picks up that theme, apparently wanting to know when he’ll have a chance to give the President a piece of his mind first hand.

Acosta may be too liberal and brain dead to realize, he’s a big part of the reason the cameras are off and as long as he’s providing satisfaction through his antics that it is successfully tweaking him, there’s no way they’ll be turned on with any regularity. At least not as long as he’s in the briefing. Maybe if he takes a sick day.


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