Trump Signs Executive Order Barring Likely Terrorists From Entering US

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If you’re an ISIS or other terrorist who was planning on infiltrating the Syrian “refugee” population and making your way to the United States, you’ll need to either abandon terrorism as a career choice or, at a minimum, find a new target. Merkel’s Germany seems like a logical alternative but France under Hollande is just as suicidal and tempting of a target.

With a declaration that, “This is big stuff,”  President Trump acknowledged the significance of an Executive Order he signed on Friday titled, “Protection of the nation from foreign terrorist entry into the United States.” He took America off of the target list for some key threat groups.

Utilizing his pen, President Trump closed the door to Syrians of any and all descriptions indefinitely. It prohibits their entry until an extreme vetting process can be established to make certain that no terrorists will be included in the those given permission to enter the United States and that’s going to take a while. If it’s done right, once the ban is lifted, terrorists will still be denied entry.

 According to a draft copy of the Executive Order, all refugee relocation programs from all nations are suspended for 120 days while the vetting procedures are examined and improved protective measures evaluated and implemented.

Additionally, no visas will be issued for entry into the United States for travelers from seven high terror risk nations – Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen..

As if putting an exclamation point on the actions and to take a jab at the politically correct crowd, President Trump said he was taking these actions to make America safe from “radical Islamic terrorists.” Hussein Obama would never use that term while he was the pretend president, now our real president makes it a point to use it often. President Trump’s pronouncements help to reinforce the fact that the days of pacification and enabling are history, that our president knows who our enemies are and he’s going to make sure everybody else does as well.

President Trump did allow for some exceptions to be made for members of “religious minorities.” In the context of Muslim countries designated, that would likely be the Christians which have previously, under Hussein Obama, been excluded from refugee status even though they are targeted and in the greatest need of relief. Granting Christians refugee status would only have interfered with Obama’s North American caliphate creation. Every position taken by a Christian is one that could have gone to his Muslim brothers and he’s long touted his belief that we Americans are his brothers’ keepers.

Of course the terrorist rights lobbyists are upset that Americans are being protected from their comrades in arms, bomb belts and vehicles. Anthony Romero, executive director of the ACLU engaged in their customary manipulation of reality, depicting it as inhumane to lump the victims of conflict in with the extremists who target them. It’s as if he believes everyone has an inherent right to live in America and if they are denied an assault or affront has taken place. He also seems to miss the point of the pause, as if it is for something other than to be able to make the distinction between victim and perpetrator he’s asking for.

He whined on, saying, “‘Extreme vetting’ is just a euphemism for discriminating against Muslims.” Call it what you want, Romero. If discriminating against Muslims is what you want to call keeping Islamic terrorists out of our nation and Americans safe, let’s discriminate all we can.

Another butt-hurt Muslim, Ahmed Rehab, director of the Chicago chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), said his group would mount legal challenges to fight the order “tooth and nail.” Thanks for demonstrating the feeling of entitlement and complete lack of gratitude that we find so prevalent and so distasteful among the demanding Muslim population, Ahmed. It’s too bad we don’t have a way of banning you based solely upon your meeting the yucky person standard.

He added, “It is targeting people based on their faith and national origin, and not on their character or their criminality.” It’s actually targeting them based upon their potential to be a deadly terrorist. If you people policed your own ranks or weren’t sympathetic to murdering innocent people, none of this would be necessary. But you don’t and it is. Thank God that Donald Trump came along and took up the challenge.

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