Trump Signals US May Not Pull Out of UN Climate Deal After All

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The slaughterhouse lambs who feel that it’s premature or improper to discuss the overtures President Trump has made to Democrats in supporting an amnesty under the pretext of “it’s only for the dreamers,” probably won’t want to hear the disturbing news about the potential softening of his posture on the climate hoax and remaining in the Paris accord either.

For them they may want to just put on a MAGA cap and sit in a corner, chanting build the wall or lock her up, pretending that their candidate’s promises are being kept while waiting for every possible shoe to drop and every commitment to be. That way a full and speculation-free evaluation can be made. Of course by then it will be too late to do anything to prevent it, but they’ll have all the facts. There’s nothing wrong with watching and analyzing what our leaders are doing, in fact, it’s our duty.

Getting out of the global welfare project mandating wealth redistribution to the rest of the world was a great promise. That evil pact with the devil inserted the dirty hands of the UN directly into our pockets under the false god of climate worship. We thought that demon had been defeated as well. Unfortunately, living up to promises is suddenly seeming a bit difficult for our president to accomplish. 

According to the Wall Street Journal, “Trump administration officials said Saturday the U.S. wouldn’t pull out of the Paris Agreement, offering to re-engage in the international deal to fight climate,” citing multiple officials  at a global warming summit.  

That same message was delivered by the EU’s top climate official, Miguel Arias Canete. He said of the US, during the ongoing climate summit in Montreal, “that they will not renegotiate the Paris Accord, but they try to review the terms on which they could be engaged under this agreement.” Remaining engaged in the agreement without renegotiating is far different from the pullout we were promised.

Is another campaign promise biting the dust, the one that prevents the global government from getting their two-fisted grip on the American people’s wealth through our treasury?

The White House denied reports on Saturday that the Trump administration is no longer seeking to withdraw from the Paris climate deal. White House deputy press secretary Lindsay Walters issued a statement that said, “There has been no change in the United States’ position on the Paris agreement. As the President has made abundantly clear, the United States is withdrawing unless we can re-enter on terms that are more favorable to our country.”

Hopefully that is the case. We’ve got more than just a little justification for being gun shy when it comes to campaign promises and the influence of the Swamp Leftists that President Trump has surrounded himself with.

Surely once these leaks are publicized and the leftist media starts touting what a courageous act of betrayal it is to commit us to global pilfering under the UN, the glorifications in the media will be printed on hard copy and laid out by General Kelly on the Resolute Desk to be admired. Collective oohs and aahs of Jared, Ivanka, Gary and Dina, pushing President Trump on will help to press their agenda over ours.

But he hasn’t announced the reversal yet, and for those who are offended at the introduction of anything other than absolute worship of the President please don’t be too irritated. There are some of us that voted for the America first agenda more than the man behind the lectern. We don’t appreciate deviations in the way you do. We don’t revere them. We see them as a betrayal and like to speak out about them and warn our fellow patriots before they become irreversible policy. It’s not an attack on the President, it’s a defense of our nation and our children’s future. We still respect President Trump, just disagree with what appear may be his new policies.

We’re not comfortable occupying space in a slaughterhouse just because it’s got MAGA written over the door.  Our agenda is not negotiable. Our positions have not changed. We’d like a personal reassurance from the President that is the case with him as well. Please tell us, Mr. Trump, that these other leaders and reporters are making this all up.


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16 Comments on Trump Signals US May Not Pull Out of UN Climate Deal After All

  1. Some people are going to have to go .. McMasters and the anti-Flynn group … Mattis just re-enlisted transgenders, to ‘study’ #Trump’s ban …. Kelley, if he is blocking access to Trump (or, is Trump using him as an excuse?) I’m like Rick Wells. Our family supported the policies Trump campaigned on (and, we thought with his background and moxie .. he could get it done .. at least blow up the Congress) .. Tho, honestly we did fall for his personality and gangster style, and grew to a like him and his ‘story’. My husband bought a hat .. watched every rally, and boycotted Megan Kelly. IF-IF-IF this Presidency turns out to be a farse, he will be the one judged to be the Fake. We know this country is in danger .. and so far, we have not seen him fighting for us. Shouldn’t he be campaigning and being loud about the House and Senate Republican leadership .. not traveling to Kentucky to support Mitch McConnell’s hand-picked replacement for Senator Session’s seat? I’m disillusioned and scared. I know there are times to compromise .. but, you can’t compromise on America’s sovereignty – or – the standard of living Americans have worked so hard for. What gives?

  2. Rick, your last posts are not showing up in the articles list.

    The last post I see is Trump/climate change

    • on the website? I see it wherever I look, Ben, where are you looking? thanks

      • Yes, it was the web site. I got an indication 2 1/2 hrs ago for a past and again 1/2 hour ago. They just showed up. No worries, because there were comments on them, so I assume it did show for others.

  3. We also need to stop funding and get out of the U.N., stop aerosol spraying, and get the U.N. off of American soil.

  4. When Gary Cohn goes to the climate accord meeting, he is 200% behind the climate accord, then I have to lean toward a reversal on getting out.

  5. Thomas A Oakley // September 18, 2017 at 12:03 am // Reply

    Well you only have to look at three (3) of the main backstabbers to feel this is true….1. his daughter….2. his son in law, her husband…..3…tillerson. All three of these are pushers of the NWO and the paris agareement. In stead of getting rid of these….TRAITORS….he puts more in, and kelly is doing his best to get rid of any loyal trump follers and putting in his swamp people that push all that we the voters that put trump in are against. Wonder why he is doing a l80 degree turn or was he always this way? Sorry but I am starting to think he played us, and this was all a set up.

  6. kelleigh Nelson // September 17, 2017 at 8:28 pm // Reply

    Terms that are more agreeable with our country? WHAT? I don’t think any terms would make this pile of dung more agreeable. Sounds like the neo-cons, leftists, and especially Javanka are doing their number on him. If he turns on all the promises, he’s dead meat to supporters and a one termer, and they’ll turn everything back over to the commie Dems because no one will go out and vote again, why bother, the nation will be cooked.

  7. Get rid of Kelly and McMaster asap!!!

  8. Freddie Arthur Hisle // September 17, 2017 at 2:47 pm // Reply

    I agree with Ann Colter, President Pense is looking better than President Trump. I warned many on Facebook that Donald Trump will disappoint a lot of Voters; even though he is better than any demonRat.

  9. Yes We should Murdock was one of Hillary Clinton’s biggest donors remember he used to be a member of from the Australian labor party. I believe that the quote from from the EU climate official, Miguel Arias Canete at the Montreal Summit is false he is a radical leftist. The media in both parties are trying to destroy our President. Remember its the donor class who hates our President. The Kochs who own Wisconsin , Texas and are making a play for Florida who are also for open boarders and trade deals that have beled our country dry. In fact David Koch is on the board of directors for the Aspen institute. Which is about sustainable development. Soros use violence the Kochs use the politicians they own.

    • The EU is all leftists and have always been, these claims are new – hopefully they’re false but the fact that the media is out to get Trump isn’t new or news and the WSJ has been pretty objective to date. We’ll he how it falls out but this is a new posture on the part of the EU, to claim a reversal, one that would be easily refuted and seemingly one they wouldn’t claim if there were not some validity to support it. read the yahoo link in the article

  10. Open boarders Murdoch owns the wall street journal the story is false. Just more gaslighting by the media who has become irrelevant.

    • and the quote from the EU climate official, Miguel Arias Canete at the Montreal Summit? – is it false as well and please tell us your sources. Also, are we to assume that every story the WSJ puts out is false because of the murdoch ownership depsite them being much more legitimate and less subjective than their NYT counterparts?

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