Trump was elected on promises against amnesty but since he’s been in office he seems determined that illegals will be rewarded, teaming up with Paul Ryan to force…

trump illegals amnesty

It’s painful to write the words but they are things that need to be said. This whole process and its result stinks of a setup. After all, how is it any better that instead of competing with foreign illegals for jobs, homes, space on a freeway or time with your physician, you’re doing so against foreigners who no longer have to look over their shoulder and can squat on our soil and take our jobs with impunity? Getting the stamp of approval from pandering sellout globalists in Congress doesn’t make the negatives of foreigners being here suddenly disappear – it just makes them impossible to remove.

The two bills that swamp puppet Paul Ryan has finagled into the supposed “crisis that must be dealt with this week,” the false premise of the anti-American RINOs for shoving it down our throats despite potential loss of the House in November, are both amnesty bills. One is amnesty with mechanisms for stopping border leakage, a wall in particular. The other is amnesty that maintains the border vulnerability for future replications. When did Americans vote for rewarding lawbreakers and send a Democrat to the White House to initiate their open borders policies?

That’s right, we didn’t. We sent what we thought was an America first populist to end the influx, not supervise it, to save American jobs, housing, freeway space and rights of citizenship for Americans. Not only are we forced to compete with illegals who are destroying our wages, but home prices and rental rates are at record highs due to a law that the swamp creatures understand and aren’t able to circumvent, that of supply and demand.

President Trump needs to understand that we’re not onboard with amnesty no matter how much cheerleading or rationalizing is done to sell it to us or by whom. An amnesty bill with his signature on it smells just as foul as one with Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell’s.

The Goodlatte bill provides legal status and work-permits, authorizations to compete with Americans for jobs, housing and a place in the traffic jams for  700,000 illegals. The so-called leadership version ups that number to a baseline of 1.8 million who receive permanent legal status, citizenship for all economic intents and purposes, plus hundreds of thousands more illegals that will be legalized as guest workers who never leave.

In return for this egregious betrayal, Americans are supposed to be thankful that the border wall might be built, essentially sealing the enemy within our gates and if anything protecting them from future competition with more of their own kind. How is that putting America and Americans first? How is that President Trump keeping his campaign promises? Why is Paul Ryan still Speaker?

Put down the pom-poms, boys. No estamos pendejos. We know a bait and switch when we see one – or two.


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