Trump Promises To Rubber-Stamp Dems, Gang Of Eight RINOs DACA Amnesty Plan

It appears that America has been hoodwinked and is being betrayed by President Trump on the border and DACA squatter amnesty. He’s vowed to sign anything RINOs and Dems

trump durbin hoyer sellout DACA amnesty

It seems as if we’ve all been lied to and it’s not a pleasant thing to recognize, even more difficult to admit and envision what that means for the future. President Trump is selling us out on amnesty for illegals. He was flanked by globalist Democrat leadership, number twos Durbin and Hoyer, in the process, sending a clear message of who he now is, what he’s doing, and where his base now stands.

Many patriots have tried to support him and will continue to do so, having given him the benefit of the doubt as being in the process of setting up his masterful and unexpected negotiating positions. Just as some have tried to give AG Sessions the same considerations that he’s been working behind the scenes on prosecuting Comey, Clinton and the other Obama crooks. By the time the reality hits and denial of the obvious is impossible, it may be too late.

It’s time to recognize that it is we, the American citizens, who have been and are at this moment being set up. President Trump may well be playing us for fools, escorting us to the slaughter house with promises that he has no intention of keeping. He’s not tough on illegal immigration. He now wants to “do DACA first” as part of a segmented plan, surrendering to Democrat demands. DACA first is putting illegal aliens first. He may be able to include a wall in some form, but it will not be the wall promised during the campaign.

It’s important to remember that the word “bipartisan” means “grab your ankles, this one’s for the swamp creatures.” Compromise means “Republican surrender.” As reported by the Associated Press, President Trump is seeking a “bipartisan compromise” to avoid the boogeyman of a Democrat government shutdown.

On Tuesday he suggested breaking his betrayal down two or three phases. Now embracing the terminology of the globalist Jeb Bush, Trump said, “This should be a bill of love, truly. It should be a bill of love, and we can do that.” He harangued Bush mercilessly during the election for just those comments. 

He’ll follow that up with “comprehensive” changes, crafted along the Hussein Obama, Jeff Flake, Mario Rubio, Lindsey Graham, Dick Durbin line of open borders by design and decree. The threat of a government shutdown is once again being used to force upon the people something they don’t want.

Nobody who voted for President Trump did so in pursuit of DACA or “comprehensive immigration reform, the opposite is the case. At the swamp deli they serve a tripe and baloney sandwich, calling it the shutdown special. It’s available every year about this time and was being served in today in the Cabinet Room. 

Trump is attempting to publicly lay part of the blame for his reversal on Congress. He stated, “I think my positions are going to be what the people in this room come up with,” during the Cabinet Room meeting with the “bipartisan” group of 20 legislators. At the 20:18 mark of the video President Trump vows to sign whatever is brought to his desk. Our “America first” President is declaring himself to be a rubber stamp of the gang of eight and globalist Democrats. 

He said, “I am very much reliant upon the people in this room.” In other words, don’t blame me, I’m working with Democrats and RINOs in Congress, again undermining his own bargaining position and negotiating tools. It’s a replay of his first meeting with “Chuck and Nancy,” with debt funding and Hurricane Harvey relief gifted immediately.

This is not how he would conduct business in his company nor is it the art of the deal in motion. It’s the art of deception by someone who isn’t and perhaps never was serious about protecting the jobs and sovereignty of the United States or controlling the opioid epidemic. That would require putting America, not illegals and open borders politicians first and building the wall.

If he is able to include a wall of sorts in the finished agreement, which he will likely do in order to prevent a revolt by his base, it will likely be a ten year funding arrangement, ten years to do or to fail to do something in piecemeal fashion that he says can be done in one and which can be defunded at anytime in the future. He’s pushing a gang of eight style “comprehensive immigration” reform” for the second phase of his scheme. This is not the “strong on immigration” facade we were presented with during the election.

Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows sent out a tweet immediately following the White House illegal squatter love fest, saying, “Generally I’m opposed to a two-step process because history would indicate the second step never happens.”

Meadows was asked if he and the real patriots in Congress could prevent this sellout by Trump. He replied, “It will be up to the American people to stop it. Their voice has consistently been the power by the Freedom Caucus’ ability to influence public policy.” Consider this an effort to do just that Mr. Trump.

Our “patriotic, America First President” told the assembled pro-amnesty lawmakers, “I’ll take all the heat you want. But you are not that far away from comprehensive immigration reform.” He’s rather dismissive of the American people, intending to endure the heat of what he knows is a betrayal. He may once again be underestimating our resolve, engagement and our anger.  We patriots are the real “Fire and Fury” he needs to be concerned with, not some stupid gossip novel.

As if to illustrate the level to which President Trump is now working against his own agenda and his campaign promises were little more than strategic manipulation to gain the office, Democratic House Whip Steny Hoyer said, “It was clear in the meeting that wall did not mean some structure.” Somebody bring a dictionary to the next pony show – a wall is a wall, period.

Ryan’s lieutenant, Rep Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), said the immediate talks need to focus on four areas: DACA, border security (not defined as a wall), chain migration and the visa lottery. It was only last week that the wall led that list of items and was declared non-negotiable. Trump still made those claims in the meeting, but they were qualified and at best he’s sending mixed messages.

As if we needed further evidence that we’ve been sold out, gang of eight globalist Jeff Flake praised the new Trump, saying, “The president exhibited, I thought, quite a bit of flexibility when the cameras weren’t there in terms of what we do in this phase and the next phase — and an acknowledgment that a lot of things we want to do are going to be part of a comprehensive bill but not now.”

We remember how Obama touted his own flexibility to Dmitri Medvedev, also when the microphones were off, or so he thought. Another instance in which flexibility meant deftness and ability to do one thing and say another to the American people.

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16 Comments on Trump Promises To Rubber-Stamp Dems, Gang Of Eight RINOs DACA Amnesty Plan

  1. Josephine Marshall // January 12, 2018 at 12:22 am // Reply

    I hope the President knows he is going to loose his whole base if he passes a DACA bill. We voted to deport all of them, not keep supporting them and letting them take our jobs. Why doesn’t anybody in the swamp see that?

  2. Kelleigh+Nelson // January 11, 2018 at 10:29 am // Reply

    Rick, they aren’t going to bring anything to him, remember that Trump plays chess, the congress creeps play checkers…let’s give this some time. Trump wouldn’t have allowed this on TV if he wasn’t up to something, he’s dumb like a fox, you know that.

  3. My heart sank as I heard Trump speak those words yesterday. He will “ sign anything? I’ve been so depressed today. Thank you for this article. Spot on. My Senator is Graham. Think I’m gonna bother calling him? I will not lower myself. Feeling sick. 😓

  4. Virginia Ruby // January 10, 2018 at 9:44 am // Reply

    Trump hasn’t let us down yet and I doubt he’s gonna start now. This is just one meeting with both sides discussing what’s at stake.
    Obama said this would be the toughest hardest thing for Congress to get over or thru. He knew when he did it it wouldn’t be easy to abolishe 10 years later.
    I won’t count my chickens before they hatch or bash or insult Trump just yet.
    We all need to get on the phones and call our Senators, Trump never said he could #MAGA by himself.

  5. “…. It’s the art of deception by someone who isn’t and perhaps never was serious ….”

    Exactly. A great piece summing up the situation.

    They sycophants are already saying that he has to deal, and give in, to get it done and will accept any comprehensive compromise. No wonder the swamp always wins. You couldn’t navigate that room with hip boots from the BS they were flinging. I wonder which Hollywierd professional directed that one.

    Reagan must be yelling from his grave ,, NO NO NO.

    • As usual, Ben, I’m taking heat for daring to warn people against the pitfalls of blind faith in one man, the “build the wall crowd that has softened considerably, with the opening salvo of negotiations being a concession on DACA and a promise of a wall “in some configuration and by some definition.” And it has to be done in the next week – no real negotiations are conducted in this manner outside of the federal government and the American people continue to fall for it.

      • I hear you Rick! The ability to think and principles seem to be too expensive a commodity.

        They scream, troll, no faith, he is a genius, this is how CEOs work, he’s just giving them lip service.

        Of course when you cite facts those are the only replies they can come up with. If I’m wrong I’ll apologize, but I expect people to tell the truth and not be deceptive. This would be a betrayal of most voters.

        They have been pissing on our shoes for decades and telling us it’s raining.


    • It’s not fake on my part, Nancy – this is my genuine concern, that we’ve been set up and I knew it wouldn’t be popular to say it. Nobody in the Trump base voted for DACA and he already demonstrated with “chuck and nancy” in September how willing he is to cut a deal with the globalists. How is it that so many are willingly forgetting that lesson?

  7. As a previous Business Owner, I saw it differently than you did Rick. I saw the whole thing on the tube today, he got people working together, this was probably the first time in history that we have ever seen anything like this on TV. Total Transparency for sure. If you noticed he had stuck in his comments and all of that was recorded on live TV, the man is not dumb, he left himself an out on the important issues. It’s recorded. Give him a break.

    • I’ve been preaching that same message for the past few months since he did the DACA cancellation but he’s not talking about a wall in the true sense and that was a group of open borders legislators that he promised to sign whatever they brought out as their product. He might try to walk it back but not unless we hold him accountable for the comments in the first place. That’s what I’m doing. He needs to give us a break.

  8. I listened to excerpts from the meeting attended mostly by America’s no-borders, amnesty-for-all, progressive enemies of both parties. Yup, we’ve been had. He’ll take the heat from us little people, eh? I’ll bet Oprah is giggling about now.

  9. Good interpretation, Rick. But, I fear the actual outcome could be a lot worse than you’ve described. It looks like Trump is returning to his democrat roots. There must be some really dirty dealing going on.

    • True. Also, since when did “conservatives”, actually patriots, want to compromise or work with the Marxist globalists. My vote was for draining of the swamp, not go along with the destruction.

  10. James Higginbotham // January 10, 2018 at 6:16 am // Reply

    as we all know the DEVIL is in the DETAILS.
    i’d like to wait and see just what they are before i CONDEMN HIM.
    but like i have always said, ONCE someone starts to COMPROMISE THEIR PRINCIPLES, in the END YOU WILL LOSE THEM.

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