Trump Pulls Plug on Illegal Obamacare Life Support – The End Is Near

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The White House may be delivering the final knockout blow to an adversary of the American people that is already disoriented, staggering, swollen and bleeding profusely. The announcement has been made, it’s being taken off of artificial life support. The end can’t be far off.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders issued a statement late Thursday saying that the administration has completed its evaluation of “cost sharing” wealth redistribution payments the Obama regime had been making to insurance exchanges and which the Trump administration had continued as they were being evaluated, to this point. With the determination that they are illegal, once discontinued, the system will die on its own.

Congress had specifically denied the Obamacare subsidy payments but in his customary dictatorial manner, the communist wealth redistributor Obama ordered them to me made without any legal authority, simply by virtue of his decree. A court rebuked him for doing so, stating that he had overstepped his authority, something which probably evoked a schoolgirl giggle from the former squatter in the White House.

Sanders’ statement said the Justice Department has concluded that a judge’s ruling is correct, that there is no valid legal basis for the Obamacare subsidy payments to be made. She wrote, “The bailout of insurance companies through these unlawful payments is yet another example of how the previous administration abused taxpayer dollars and skirted the law to prop up a broken system.”

She continued, “Congress needs to repeal and replace the disastrous Obamacare law and provide real relief to the American people.” No information as to whether the last payment has been made or if there is a phase-out period as was the case with DACA was included in her statement.

The “cost-sharing” payments are American taxpayers’ money taken out of the treasury and paid directly to insurance companies to compensate for the non-payments of others. Typical communist wealth redistribution, Obama style.


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4 Comments on Trump Pulls Plug on Illegal Obamacare Life Support – The End Is Near

  1. Candace Edmonds // October 14, 2017 at 2:12 am // Reply

    You need Facebook and Twitter links in your articles somewhere. Can’t find them anywhere.

    • there should be a row of five boxes, the first one facebook, just below the picture at the top and again at the bottom of the article, candace – I just checked and they are showing up on my desktop, are you on a mobile?

  2. I hope the subsidies have been stopped, as Trump said he would do. I also would have issued this EO the first time they wanted to send legislation that was not a full repeal.

    We need him to stop the subsidies and force the swamp to use the same insurance that they force on us.

  3. roger williams // October 13, 2017 at 8:59 pm // Reply

    Finally the wealth distribution hoax by Obama’s pen is ending. He should now be argued with this unlawful use of his power as president.

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