Trump Planning Exit From Climate Treaty Senate Never Ratified To Begin With

trump climate hoax


President Trump is signaling that despite what his economic adviser Gary Cohn has said about him “educating himself” into the belief in the globalist climate scam, he hasn’t gone over to the dark side. Unnamed US officials are stating that the President plans to withdraw the United States from the never ratified 2015 Paris climate change agreement. There’s a huge difference between Obama shaking hands with Chinese President Xi and declaring the hoax ratified and the real process in the Senate. A hoax ‘president’ declaring a hoax agreement to be binding in a hoax declaration – that’s government Obama style.

The details on the mechanics of the withdrawal haven’t been revealed and are apparently still under review and development, although, since it was never taken up by the Senate as is required of treaties by the Constitution and no two-thirds majority ever voted us into participation and inclusion, it should be a simple matter. We’re already not obligated, bound by or a party to the idiocy.

A simple courtesy letter explaining that to the UN should be sufficient. It could include references to the fact that Hussein Obama wasn’t the dictator he pretended to be and a suggestion that any nations seeking to be treated as financial dependents in accordance with the agreement send the bill to the person who signed it unilaterally, Hussein Obama. Maybe he’s slushed enough secret cash away to take care of them.

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt has a team working on the formalities, apparently determined to play the game by the globalist rules, which could require a three year waiting period to exit. During that time we’d pretend we were actually obligated to the terms of the agreement, including the siphoning of cash out of our treasury to feed the transnational parasites. Our Constitution says go pound sand, and it’s a much higher authority in the conduct of American affairs, why don’t we just abide by it instead?

In a rare show of support for President Trump by the establishment quislings of the Republican party, 22 Senators, including Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), sent President Trump a letter urging a “clean exit” last Thursday, a day after ten Republican state attorneys general likewise sent a letter urging the same thing.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi couldn’t resist the opportunity to attack President Trump, sovereignty and our economic survival, calling the Paris con job key to, “our collective moral responsibility” to create a healthy, sustainable planet. Commies just love the word “collective,” as much as the globalists attempting to create their world control mechanism are enamored with the word “sustainable.” She used them both.

Pelosi continued, “In walking away from this agreement, the president is denying scientific truths, removing safeguards that protect our health and our environment, protecting polluters and their dirty energy agenda, and threatening our national and global security.”

Actually, Nancy, he’s denying false science presented as truths, doing absolutely nothing to endanger our health or the environment, and CO2 is not pollution but life sustaining, just as oxygen is. Maybe she’d like to eliminate the most prevalent greenhouse gas, one which accounts for 90% of the volume, water vapor, rather than going after the equally life sustaining CO2. Pelosi would dry up quickly without water vapor, and humidity is a key component enabling skin stretching, something she might want to consider.

Having a strong energy sector permits us to have an industrial base and both are critical for national and global security, so Pelosi’s wrong again. Trump is right and Pelosi is an idiot. That’s one “scientific truth” that should enjoy unanimous support.


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