Trump Picks ExxonMobil CEO Tillerson For Secretary Of State

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There’s one significant upside to Donald Trump’s selection of Rex Tillerson to be the Secretary of State – he’s not Mitt Romney. He’s also obviously an energy guy which indicates that Mr. Trump is sincere in his desires to make America prosperous again and to get away from the suicidal romance with fantasyland green pretend energy. There’s a gold mine under our feet and this is another indicator that we may finally be allowed to harvest its riches.

There’s also the added benefit that it must be driving the green Nazi control freaks into near “The Exorcist” levels of physical reactions and mental anguish; it couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch. Tillerson does share some of the green Nazi thinking, having stated in the past that he believes humans have contributed to climate change and Exxon policy under his leadership being “reducing the risk of climate change in the most efficient way for society.” Maybe his nomination is only worth a half head spin, we’ll all have to wait and see.

Tillerson is described as supporting free trade, which means different things to different people, some of them quite the opposite of free. He’s also overseen a shift in Exxon’s position on the climate hoax and came out in favor of the Paris Treaty, although there are likely other considerations beyond just his personal views at play. It’s clear the Saudis and others who have been leading Kerry and Obama by the nose due to our fabricated false dependence on their oil production won’t be thrilled with his nomination. They could bluff John Kerry as needed. This guy’s going to be a lot tougher.

Mr. Trump may have some difficulties getting Tillerson confirmed by the Senate. He has no diplomatic or government experience although he has plenty of the private sector equivalent. He also lacks the inherent hatred of Russia and Putin that some, such as Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, feel are prerequisites to the position.

Conversely, Tillerson has close working relationships with Putin and other world leaders which were cultivated in his lifelong career at ExxonMobil, culminating in his current position as CEO. He represented ExxonMobil’s interests in Russia during the Boris Yeltsin administration and was awarded the Order of Friendship by the Kremlin in 2013.

He’s got the typical considerations of potential conflicts of interest that all of these rich guys do, including Mr. Trump, with stock shares in his company worth approximately $300 million. Arrangements to guard against a conflict of interest is always challenging and ExxonMobil does business around the globe. Then again, pickles are pretty pervasive too and Heinz is everywhere. What did Kerry do to satisfactorily sequester his investments? How much mustard and ketchup shares did Kerry have to pretend didn’t exist or simply ignore like it was millions in State Department grant money headed to his daughter’s “non-profit.”

Even with no experience Tillerson would be light years ahead of Hillary Clinton or John Kerry in ability and integrity, but his appointment comes with some experienced backup. Former UN Ambassador and under-secretary of state John Bolton will also be tabbed to serve as Deputy Secretary,  handling the day-to-day operations of the State Department.

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3 Comments on Trump Picks ExxonMobil CEO Tillerson For Secretary Of State

  1. I don’t like his ambivalence towards anthropogenic warming of the climate. It means the green lib’s have had him in their pocket. Not good news. If I’m wrong, then he and Trump have some selling to do.

    • It’s disconcerting to me as well, David, but I’m thinking it was likely a business decision based upon a perception of the inevitable and making the best deal that he could in the interest of the desires of the shareholders. Having said that, it’s not the kind of sellout that would be acceptable as another John Kerry. The EPA appointment and trump’s own comments are somewhat reassuring but dangit – this guy is hard to figure out sometimes. We’ll see over the coming weeks – Congress is fed up with the EPA and the global warming nonsense too, although the House doesn’t get involved in his confirmation.

  2. Dr. Deplorable // December 11, 2016 at 10:47 am // Reply

    I’ll take a very successful businessman anytime over all the Dis-barred Layers combined.

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