Trump and Pence Going To Alabama In Support Of McConnell Swamp Rat

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Politico reports that both President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence will be making their way to Alabama to campaign on behalf of the establishment swamp candidate, Luther Strange, for the seat vacated by Jeff Sessions.

Strange was appointed to fill the seat on an interim basis and now faces the more conservative Judge Roy Moore. Moore has the added disadvantage of not being for sale, which makes him unacceptable to Mitch McConnell and the establishment GOP that is pouring money into the contest on Strange’s behalf.

The report indicates that Pence will be coming to Alabama to campaign for Sen. Luther Strange (R-AL) next Monday, the day before the election. They write, “Pence will headline a get-out-the-vote rally for Strange.” They note that “Pence’s appearance underscores the last-minute boost the White House is trying to give Strange in a race where most recent polls have shown him trailing Moore.”

Additionally, President Trump is scheduled to appear in Huntsville on behalf of Strange on Saturday, at a time and location still yet to be announced. It’s not a matter of the President and Vice-President supporting the GOP candidate against a Democrat opponent. Whoever wins the runoff will then face the Democrat.

It’s a matter of the Trump administration supporting the McConnell swamp creature, to effectively add to the swamp, not drain it. Sure, the blind Trump supporters will continue with their hero worship, the denial of the truth that is staring them in the face and insistence that Trump is too smart for mortal men to understand.

Just stand back in awe and wonder, they say, Trump is playing 4-D chess. We’ll all see when he unleashes his masterful moves, moves that in many cases now appear intended to bolster the swamp population and raise the scum level.  

Ask yourselves, “How long as it been since President Trump himself mentioned draining the swamp?” When that was a supposed goal of his it was a common theme. He knows it’s not a good topic for him to raise these days. If you’re honest, ask yourselves why they’re supporting the anti-American Chamber of Commerce prostitute over the conservative Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice. Listen to the words they use when endorsing the tool of the globalists, Luther Strange.

4-D Chess is just another name for filling the swamp, a way for giving blanket permission and acceptance for what should be being questioned but creates too much discomfort. We’ve seen how well that 4-D chess game worked on the NSC, now completely populated by the enemy globalists.

Ask yourselves why they’re supporting the crooked candidate of big money and Mitch McConnell. Or will you opt to deny reality and simply shoot this messenger who is willing to raise the issue instead?


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17 Comments on Trump and Pence Going To Alabama In Support Of McConnell Swamp Rat

  1. frances quinn // September 23, 2017 at 2:13 pm // Reply

    I support Judge Roy Moore…..but I am also a Trump supporter. The one we need to get rid of is Mitch McConnell and while we are at it Paul Ryan. McCain the traitor will die off on his own and should be removed as his brain is hampered and he is not capable of working for the people because he hates Trump so much that he is actually parnoid about it. He does not represent the people. I don’t know what Trump is swapping for endorsing Strange, I can only think that he knows the deplorables are not foolish enough to vote for anyone McConnell endorses.

  2. Right on target again! I also went with the 4-D chess for a while and then when each move captured a position for the swamp I finally broke my mind loose.

    In Madison county, Huntsville, Strange got 10,000 votes, More received 7,000 and Brooks got 20,000. The combined vote for Moore/Brooks was not only a pro vote but a vote against Strange. I would be extremely surprised if Strange won.

    Let’s hope many voters finally realize what that globalist windsock Pence is. IMO, I think the swamp still wants Pence in the oval office.

    • The establishment simply wants Trump out. Pence is the heir apparent that they’re willing to settle for even though he’s a POS. He is one of them.

      • Yes he is a globalist POS, and will do whatever they want. When he was in Congress he authored, I believe, a bill that gave corporations the control over immigration.

        He even caved on his core principle, “Religious Freedom Act”, and after a little push back he reversed the law.

  3. Rick right with you on this..A other MOVE in the Globalist Swamp by Trump! He is widening it, into a Ocean. Moore is the guy we want! Wonder if Trump regreats placing Neil G. on the Supreme Court? I can’t deny it or see even the TRUMP CARD! We all have been Played. Those who deny will put them there like the Blinded HRC OBAMA, lefties Brainless. I think Trump supporters are to smart and He is going to loose his base if not already the way things are going..(Just connect dots, since FLYNN Left) I Hate Politicians, the DemoRats, The Rino’s, The Globalist, Swamp Creatures!The Hollywood Elites. A bunch of self Centered arrogant hypocrite, evil Criminals who love Power, greed, and screw all else.. What I believe with Trump, He is a good honest, Clean, Businessman. He HAD Good Intentions (HAD) why I say this he is over his Head. His strong suit is JOBS, BUSINESS, TAXES etc which is all his AGENDA Is about..Fits in HIS LIFE, his family and there future. It may of been a BACKFIRE on us being so happy he was not a POLITICIAN! He does have a ego, I knew this and scared me at points, it could be a downfall of his…He hates loosing! My take is, he got over his head, Can’t win this.He decided to go with the Flow, the winning party (GLOBALIST THE Takeover) and because his Princess Daughter Leftist IVANKA! His family will come first. Have nothing against her, But I have seen this as a MAJOR PROBLEM From the beginning, and son in law globalist Jarred! With America on the brink of Collapse,Muslim Invasion, Illegals taking over, American suffering everywhere. Vets in street, homeless all over, Screwed medical system, No law & order or Justice! (Except for the Invaders coming in, its all there dream) And our Goverment is making sure they are getting what is due them. I think Trump decided (influenced a lot by daughter) & what every else, but he can’t beat them so join them! Puts him family in the “Political Arena” around all the Swamp rats, Protected 100% with the NWO! I would bet my life on it! Call me crazy, its a gut instinct I have had, & when I do, I am almost always right! He is Prepping “Ivanka” for first Woman President.MARK MY WORDS. Trump keeps this up, he will be one term. He is figuring 2 terms, “IVANKA” Will run. This would also be his Sweet revenge on HRC! I do think Trump can be childish, take things personal, make it about him, (This is what I meant about his ego) Can be a problem. They have proved over time, most great leaders, successful people, have big Egos and are Narcissistic. Trumps Childishly side, can then make him loose site of what he set out to do, and go a different direction, like he did. Cannot doubt, he cares what people think about him, and has surrounded himself with the anti-Americans, anti-Trumpeters, Globalist, DemoRats! I don’t think he meet with the SWAMP Rats, to teach the spineless Rino’s a lesson. Those are delusional if they would care to think that. It would make Trump a powerless, non leader himself to play childish games as such! He got sick of a washed up party who hates him, working against him in every sense, and wanted to join the WINNING PARTY! The ones who don’t give up, the ones who fight, the ones he can become a shinning star with, if he chooses. He forgets, The forgets, The GOP, Was looser all along. Never supported him, never put him in the White House. The People did, and those are who he has forgot. I know Trump went into Something I was not sure, even he might not be able to fix. Always have said, it might just take a Civil War. I also without a doubt feel betrayed, Trump did not show leadership in the Very matters which mattered, First, letting FLYNN GO!(red flag, letting the Rats call the shots) Did not have to let him go! Best Man, and best to wipe out ISIS, Take care of Security here on our Soil. Muslim Invasion. The Swamp, HRC, (first clue, when he said he did not want to hurt her) Did not DRAIN SWAMP of ALL Obama Holdovers. (Have to wonder why) Let the 9th Circuit Court override his ban, how many times? Hey, Law is Law. I have watch every Conservative media, ACLJ, Trumps Attorneys, Judge Jeanne, other Judges, listen to lawyers, All for months giving Trump Advice, Talking about what he can and cannot do. For months I have listened to how much Power & Control Trump has, and he has Ignored ALL ADVICE. He could have Abolished the 9th Circuit. He had the power to fire these Obama pretend Judges, Should have fired “Comey” day one! No doubt he was Crooked and let Hillary Walk. All legal said, Trump made it worse, the longer he let him stay! Where we just hoping? Was Trump really ok with all these Swamp Creatures and not wanting to hurt them, until he feels they might target him? (That ego again) Certainly is what they used against Trump when he did Fire Comey. Made Comments prior to this, he TRUSTED COMEY, HE LIKED HIM. How could he after the HRC Bullshit, scandal what a first grader could understand? Did not FIRE AG Sessions, Spineless Swamp, recusing himself, (Trump was pissed when he felt Sessions was not Truthful to him) He threw a Temper on twitter. But got over it. What happened to the American People? What he Campaigned on, and why he got Elected? HRC, (Lock her up) Sessions Surrounding himself with DemoRats in the DOJ? Why? Was this all Show? Or just part of the plan to not go after these Criminals! What about Mueller, waste of time and money all red-flags, trying to keep the Trump Supporters Distracted? Trump sure is not kicking ass, putting any of them on notice, doing any firing, (only his own loyal Conservative administration) Now Kelly is running him, sheltering him, keeping him under his Careful Watch! What, Trump can’t think for himself? We didn’t elect Kelly. I am not expecting some big Trump card, because time & time again Trump- has proved to me he is POWERLESS! Not in Charge. Did the Job description change & the powers invested in the President of the United States Change since Trump took office! The most powerful job in the Nation. Trump can own most of this. I cannot say he did everything in his power, quite the opposite. Funny how the Fake Traitor Anti-American evil Muslim, did what he wanted, broke every law, singed lawless executive order after order, Over stepped Congress, Made up laws, Did those Midnight session deals to get shit passed, and no one QUESTIONED! This is so bad to think the republicans have the House, the Senate, The WH. Trumps blown it. You know he can even get rid of the damn bill in congress? Which takes the 62, 63 votes, and knock that down to the 51, 52 votes? OBAMA CARE REPEAL & REPLACE WOULD HAVE FLOWN THREW IF HE DID THAT! Go figure Rick. I am starting to ring the WH Tomorrow and every day after to let them know how dissatisfied I am over Trump not keeping his promises. Hope many more choose to start letting Trump know.

  4. Rick he supported Moore in the primary.
    what happened that he is now supporting the swamp Rat that will support Mitch Mc.

    • he didn’t support moore in the primary either – he had been expected by many to support Mo Brooks, surprised when he went with mcconnell’s boy – what happened? I wish I could say for certain – I would imagine he wanted to make a deal with mcconnell.

  5. You know .. I didn’t really support Pence .. I was confused by his choice .. with his past and present associations (Walker for one) .. and his being a professional politician. But, I went with the chess board on that one, and it seemed ok. … Not now. I’ve read the ads and materials coming out against Moore are absurd and big time false .. Like Moore is for gun control AND for amnesty! .. (I also found out Strange has a 16+% investment in the HB5 Visas center!) .. That’s visas that are ‘bought’ .. for $500,000 or more investment in the US. You can come at will and live in the US. (Some Muslim families have used HB5 visas to invest in chains of Charter Schools). But, the GOPe, and with cooperation with the Dem Party, are pulling all the stops out for Strange … Alabama had better get out and vote and drag every warm body with them! Pence knows the ‘politics’ of this, and he certainly knows Mitch McConnell .. WHY would he want to keep the ‘Swamp’ in charge? Now, I’m doubling-down on being scared.

  6. Wow Rick, I haven’t been here for a couple of weeks, but last time I was, you were a total Trumper.
    What are the main reasons why you have turned on him so quickly ?

    • I haven’t turned on him Terry, he’s turned on his word. Amnesty for illegals and virtually no promises kept, he’ll claim a lack of support, true to a degree, but I’m only stating what I see and what others see as well but may or may not be willing to admit. He was against amnesty in the campaign, now he’s pushing it. He seems to think he can flip a switch and we’ll change our values just as quickly. No me and I imagine there are many others who are more supportive of the MAGA agenda than one man who seems to be weakening at the knees. I still support him when he’s right, but not gonna pretend he’s the same man who campaigned and won.
      And the globalist-filled government, possible weakening on the global welfare program of climate hoax isn’t helping either.

  7. Morris Adkins // September 19, 2017 at 8:55 am // Reply

    Trump supported Moore…not strange

  8. Moore is not for sale. Do you get that? He’s not for friggin’ sale…
    The fact that Pence is pimping for him proves that Luther Strange is not our man. Our man is Judge Roy Moore. Certainly not the man our whore, Trump, is supporting.

    Support Roy Moore in every way you can. Send a message to Trump that we don’t want illegal amnesty. We don’t want the Paris global warming treaty. And, we don’t want any more of his reversals from his campaign promises.

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