Trump Patriots Get The Last Laugh On Hollywood Leftist Trash Shia LaBeouf

shia labeouf


There are benefits to having an extremely limited interest in Hollywood and the vermin that are the overwhelming majority of its inhabitants. One is that their political statements are even more irrelevant than they might otherwise be and less infuriating. Not only are they people who repeat the words of others and pretend to be something that they are not for a living, they’re self-aggrandizing liberals as well. Whose opinions could possibly mean less?

It was against that backdrop that I overlooked anything that has to do with a person named Shia LaBeouf. Once reports started circulating about his statements against President Trump and the Americans who voted for him, it was a simple matter to determine that he’s probably not a terrorist, at least not one ready to strike, just an ACLU enabler and rude, unimportant actor.

Aside from watching him scream in the ear of a gutless coward who, had he had the proper levels of testosterone and been free of brainwashing, chemtrails or whatever else turned him into a cowering sissy, should have punched his lights out in response. LaBeouf is a bully and a coward himself, but he’s on the left and has a Muslim name, so the misconduct of this pompous twerp is not only overlooked, it’s cheered.

He’s been engaging in an anti-Trump stunt, which is his right to do, minus the yelling and abuse, but trouble has followed him. His original site in New York City was shut down as a safety hazard and following LaBeouf’s arrest. Another location in New Mexico was repeatedly vandalized so the intrepid LaBeouf did what any Hollywood limousine liberal would do. He ran away into hiding. LaBeouf moved his camera to a secret location and changed the focus from people repeating the words “He will not divide us,” to a picture of what is appropriately a white flag with those words printed on it.

The whole story to this point is meaningless, the antics of an attention-starved actor. But the determination of those who made it a point to go after the America-hater and foil his efforts to attack our President from the safety of anonymity is deserving of recognition.

His flag was replaced with a Donald Trump “Make America Great Again” hat. The story of how that all took place is worth seeing. If you find LaBeouf to be offensive as an actor assaulting America’s president in this manner, just imagine the flag says “Sharia LaBeouf is Islamic for Terrorist” and he’s outing himself – then go back to ignoring him.

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