Trump Patriots Vs Becerra In CA Town Hall – No Pledge Of Allegiance, They Say Their Own

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Whittier College hosted the anti-American duo of California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and State Democrat Assemblyman Ian Calderon.

The first clip below features the opening segment of their visit to the college, where the reception was less than warm and the always vocal Trump patriots made their opposition to the railroading of America by these illegal-invasion facilitating operatives known.

As the event opened, Calderon begins reading his prepared statement and it becomes clear to the Trump supporters that he is not going to include saying the Pledge of Allegiance as part of the program. He was already getting down to his dirty business.

The Trump supporters began standing and clamoring for the Pledge of Allegiance to be said, with the invasion agitator simply ignoring their demands. The patriots took matters into their own hands, reciting the Pledge on their own and forcing the corrupt Democrat to stop talking, lest his loathing for this nation in its current form become too obvious, aware he was being videotaped.

In the second video, the Becerra – Calderon team of anti-American operatives takes questions from the audience, apparently failing to remove those of the Trump supporters from the basket, as is their common practice.

Right out of the gate, Calderon gets a question that asks, “Are you aware that California Penal Code 32 makes it illegal to harbor, conceal or aid criminals?” Becerra replies, “No one has the right to conceal someone who has violated the laws of this country and is criminally liable. So we should be doing everything we can to make sure that we have the public safety that everyone deserves.” He then says he works with local law enforcement to ensure that there’s public safety for everyone.

What he doesn’t address is the federal crime of entering the country illegally and how his own government is guilty of harboring those lawbreakers. Of course he wouldn’t want to admit that he’s a criminal along with those he’s sheltering, many times over and neither would his partner in crime seated next to him. They move on.

Luck still isn’t with them as the next question is what Calderon labeled “a political question,” clearly one that would put some heat on them. They move on to question number three as Becerra sits like Bill Clinton with a stupid, open-mouth grin on his plastic face.

That question asked, “How much tax dollars will go to pay for DACA lawyers and what do you tell the American people about taking their money to pay for illegal lawyers?” The duplicitous duo took advantage of the raucous nature of the Trump supporters to claim a delay and move on.

They caught a law breaker’s break with the fourth question, one they endured the crowd noise but didn’t move on from, which read, “Today the governor signed a bill making California a sanctuary state. What federal funding may we lose?”

Although it’s off this video, the response is on others, with Becerra stating it’s illegal for the federal government to withhold their funds. He’s got a least one lawsuit pending on that issue now. It will was a chance for him to make his case against the Trump administration, so they didn’t move on. He answered that one.

No respect for America – these criminal enablers refused to lead or provide time for the Pledge of Allegiance, sat as Trump patriots said it anyway.

Cherry-picking the questions they answer, ignore the tough one that expose their criminality

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4 Comments on Trump Patriots Vs Becerra In CA Town Hall – No Pledge Of Allegiance, They Say Their Own

  1. We need JUSTICE for the American people! These fools are foreigners, Mexicans who disrespect our flag and our laws. I’m still waiting for Homeland Security or ICE to deport all of them, even those who have citizenship as they’re not becoming Americans!

  2. So far very little to stop this from the administration. This protecting of illegals, as well as the organized sedition to remove our heritage, and founding principles, should be priority #1, with massive removal of illegals and seditious SOBs. Maybe the useful idiots would wake up and stop falling in line.

  3. I’m with you James. The idiots in CA have gone completely brain dead. Maybe we should cut off all monies to them, cut them loose from the US and give them Hillary and Obama for their executive branch. Then we can send all of the illegals and Syrian refugees to CA. They are in trouble because they are listening to the Democrats in Congress and the House, or the has beens like Hillary and Obama.

  4. this is all fixing to come CRASHING DOWN UPON THEIR HEADS IN THE END.

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