Trump PAC Targeting GOP Sen Heller, Not Cruz – Cavuto Asks Why, Gets Babble

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Senator Dean Heller, a Republican representing Nevada, is being sent a not too subtle message by the Trump administration through their proxy organization, America First policies. Heller has been forced into a situation in which the popular Republican Governor, whose support is vital to Heller in the battleground state, is opposed to the Republican “Better Care Reconciliation Act.” Heller has likewise come out in opposition and for fundamentally the same reasons, Medicaid, mental health, substance abuse and disability coverage.

Neil Cavuto sees what’s going on a fundamentally unfair, the targeting of the most vulnerable Senator to bully him into submission under the threat of facing a primary opponent supported by the Administration. He takes the issue up with Katrina Pierson, a spokeswoman for the PAC that is attacking Heller. He asks, “Is it fair to say, Katrina, that Senator Heller is going to be targeted by Republicans because of his stance?”

She replies in general terms about the length of time the American people have been promised a repeal of Obamacare, saying, “The biggest problem that I believe that many of us have with this particular stance is because these guys have been campaigning forever on repealing and replacing Obamacare.” Heller is still in his first full term in the Senate, having been appointed in 2011 and then winning election in 2012. He was a US Congressman for three terms prior to that.

Cavuto asks, “Why this Senator? Why not Ted Cruz or Mike Lee or Ron Johnson or Rand Paul or others who have serious concerns like Lisa Murkowski or Susan Collins, why not any of them? Why this poor guy?” The answer for five of those six, aside from the politically motivated reasons, would be that only Ted Cruz is up for reelection in 2018.

Pierson says she thinks that is a great question, “and let me answer that for you. Simply because Senators like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz have been saying the same thing since the beginning. Someone like Senator Heller has not, but then goes on to contradict herself in making a very weak distinction that Heller said he will oppose the bill rather than the positions of the others who have said they can’t support it. In listening to the video of the Senator’s announcement, he said he can’t support it because it doesn’t do enough, the same thing Rand Paul and others are saying.

What Cavuto is seeing is an apparent picking on the little guy with Heller, which is even worse than the one out of six that he gave the earlier comparison to. It’s this guy over Ted Cruz, who Trump doesn’t want to alienate again. That’s fine and Cruz has been a key ally of late, but don’t fabricate a difference that doesn’t exist. This Senator is no more of a villain than any of the others. He’s voting his conscience and his political reality in his state. If he’s not representing them, they’ll send him packing without Pierson bringing her sledge hammer into play.

Pierson can’t defend her position, she’s lucky Cavuto was easy on her:

Listening to Heller Speak, there’s a way he’ll vote yes, and he’s very clear about it below:

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2 Comments on Trump PAC Targeting GOP Sen Heller, Not Cruz – Cavuto Asks Why, Gets Babble

  1. Why doesn’t Cavuto, or any other talking head, ask Pierson and the others to explain how they can call this a “repeal” when it keeps the structure in place. Also, why don’t they ask why billi9ons are being paid to the insurance companies, using slight of hand calling it a tax credit.

    From all I know, which may not be much, this not “a great healthcare” plan.

  2. I’m on Heller’s side. Cruz has been in the Senate long enough to match his words with his actions – he has not. He has ulterior motives for clawing at Trump’s pant legs and will turn against him again in 2020. My file on cruz’s lies, deceptions, and flip-flopping is longer than any other republican senator’s and I can only hope Texas does NOT re-elect him.

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