Trump OUTREACH To Mueller – Shorter Leash, DEAL MADE Or Being PLAYED?

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Could it be that a deal has been worked out behind the scenes to call off Mueller and his swamp dogs or to keep them on a shorter, more appropriate leash? If so, to whose benefit and at what price?

Were President Trump’s attorneys given assurances that the overstepping of his authority by Mueller is going to stop, perhaps under the threat of legal action? There seems to be almost a spirit of cooperation, a comfort level that Mueller may have been restrained, on the part of his intended victims.

Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein slithered out of hiding to answer questions for Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday this weekend. Wallace asked whether there were any red lines that Mueller could not cross. Rosenstein said he and Mueller both understand the specific scope of the investigation, stating twice that it is not a fishing exhibition.

President Trump’s attorney, Jay Sekulow, claimed to accept the Rosenstein declarations and the investigation itself in a subsequent Hannity interview. In what is a departure from his customary stance,  he declared he would take Rosenstein at his word, accepting his assurance that there would be no fishing expedition. He seemed to almost perceive the process as legitimate.

On his Tuesday program, Lou Dobbs addressed another aspect of the Mueller – Trump saga, that of a change of direction, the exchanging of personal greetings between the two men through President Trump’s attorney.

Dobbs reports, “The President’s chief counsel, John Dowd, telling USA Today the President wanted to send greetings and express he ‘appreciates what Mueller is doing.’ Dowd also said the notion of the President firing Mueller has ‘never been on the table.'” They should be careful when stretching the truth to extremes like that.

Surely it’s been discussed and considered and this may be evidence of it being dismissed as not the best option or of another agreement being worked out. Documents for generating a pink slip for Mueller may have never been resting on a particular table somewhere, but it most certainly must have been a topic of discussion.

Dobbs asks Gregg Jarrett about the significance of the messaging, who dismisses it as commonplace niceties between litigants, and perhaps an effort by President Trump’s legal staff to soften some of his earlier comments.

Jarrett insists there’s nothing to see here and that Dobbs should just keep moving along. We’ll have an idea soon enough. if a red line is crossed or if the investigation is a short lived one. Sticking to the Russia, Russia, Russia will be a definite change, something not likely to happen organically in such a politically driven assault.

If there were conversations between attorneys about the scope and of Mueller containing himself, and perhaps bringing it to a timely conclusion, we’ll never know. Let’s hope an agreement not to prosecute Hillary Clinton or other Democrat criminals wasn’t part of a grand bargain, with or without President Trump knowing about it.

Then again, maybe it’s nothing and they’ll continue with the witch hunt with nothing but lip service where it appeared Mueller might have discovered or been forced into some degree of self-restraint. Time will tell.

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9 Comments on Trump OUTREACH To Mueller – Shorter Leash, DEAL MADE Or Being PLAYED?

  1. Kelleigh Nelson // August 10, 2017 at 12:21 pm // Reply

    I do too, but I don’t think Sekulow is cut throat enough as a lawyer. Trump should have the best, and I’m not sure TV star Sekulow is the one.

    and the American People are SEEING THEM IN FULL BLOOM.

  3. I really love Lou Dobbs. He’s right there on all the topics. Just wish his voice were a little louder.

  4. As long as the government can keep confiscating tax payers dollars there will be no short end to the money laundering. The added benefit is that the Trump campaign agenda seems to be, or will be, stopped in it’s tracks by the uni-party. Repeal 0care – no, tax reform – no, budget – no, but they seem to be working on pushing through more massive subsidies.

    Opiate reform also seems to be another subsidy coming down the pike.

  5. I don’t know, but it seems like a bait to draw all the swamp creators comes together and then expose them all at once. If it’s true, then it probably be a very wise move.

  6. Kelleigh Nelson // August 9, 2017 at 8:13 pm // Reply

    I think it would be foolish to trust Mueller and Rosenstein, and I would get some high powered lawyers rather than Jay Sekulow who loves being on television and came out of Pat Robertson’s CBN and ACLJ. Not impressed with him at all.

    • I agree Kelleigh. They are both snakes. Rosenstein never did answer Chris Wallace’s question about crossing the red line. Sekulow is going after Lynch, Comey and Clinton, getting organized to initiate a grand jury. Sure hope he gets that nasty mess taken care of.

  7. TONYA PARNELL // August 9, 2017 at 6:07 pm // Reply

    I would like to know what those 16+ lawyers are doing under Mueller. We, the taxpayers, are paying their inflated salaries for what? FIRE ALL THEIR ASSES.

    • Good idea Tonya. Everybody in Washington is being paid off in one way or another, while the President is struggling to make good his campaign promises. We can thank Soros, Obama, all liberal idiots and the do nothing Democrats for this mess. Instead of worrying about Russia, Obama’s Muslim army is initiating strongholds in our cities and not allowing Christians to worship. Isn’t that great. Wake up America!!

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