Trump Orders Review, Preparations, Contingencies For Cyber Attack On Power Grid

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President Trump has issued an executive order mandating the federal government to prepare for a possible cyber attack against the nation’s electric grid. The order, signed on Thursday, instructed the Energy Department, Homeland Security Department, DNI and state and local governments to assess their readiness, including any deficiencies as well as the means available for restoration in the event of such an attack and submit their findings in report form.

Two days earlier Cyber command chief Admiral Mike Rogers said that several nations, including Iran, have been linked to disruptions and intrusions into our critical infrastructures, including the electric grid and financial network.

Rogers said destructive cyber attacks on critical infrastructure are one of his two worst case scenarios. The second involves the threat of cyber intrusions aimed at manipulating data within networks.

He said, “Infiltrations in U.S. critical infrastructure—when viewed in the light of incidents like these—can look like preparations for future attacks that could be intended to harm Americans, or at least to deter the United States and other countries from protecting and defending our vital interests.” The report on electric grid cyber attacks is required to be submitted to the White House by August 9th.

The fact that most critical infrastructures are not government owned complicates protection efforts, said Homeland Security Adviser Tom Bossert. “The executive order not only requires his departments and agencies to help those critical infrastructure owners and operators, and the most important ones, but to do it in a proactive sense. The message is a tilt toward action.”

Perhaps the libtard judges on the west coast won’t feel compelled to interfere with the President protecting our electric grids and computers. They seem to only have a problem with executive orders directed at protecting American citizens.


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  1. In the picture; how much do they pay the guy that mows the grass; well that is not enough.

  2. We can’t make America great again until we bring it back to life. Every president before Trump has kicked this can down the road. I’m in awe at how much President Trump is doing, and trying to do despite Congress’ deliberate lack of cooperation, for this country and for us.

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