Trump Open Borders DHS Nominee Supports Global Invasion, Amnesty

Trump’s choice for Homeland Security Secretary is Gen John Kelly’s Assistant. She’s also an open borders globalist that supports the invasion of Western civilizations by third world…

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How is it that President Trump ran on a platform that included the strongest border enforcement we’ve ever had, a wall, and no amnesty and yet we’ve got a nominee for Homeland Security Secretary who is an open borders globalist?

One thing’s for sure, she’s got plenty of ideological soul mates inside the Trump White House, including her current boss, General John Kelly. And in case anyone doubted her credentials, Kirstjen Nielsen put it in writing, authoring a pro-mass migration report with a team representing some of the largest globalist entities on the planet.

President Trump has already announced his appointment of Nielsen, who,  just like his last nomination, Christopher Wray to head the FBI, is a career swamp creature somehow expected to drain herself and everybody she’s worked with over the last couple of decades. Undoubtedly her nomination will sail right through as well and we’ll somehow be left with the compromised government we never expected from a Trump presidency, similar to the sludge pond that is the Sessions DOJ.

She chaired the multinational group of globalist corporations and world banks under the direction of and in service to the World Economic Forum. Her group was dubbed, in typical UN Agenda 2030 jargon, the “Global Agenda Council on Risk & Resilience.”

Joining her on the staff were representatives of Deutsche Bank, Microsoft and Citigroup. In speaking on behalf of the forced redistribution of third world nationals across the western world the report stated that Europeans were already their slaves, had no self-determination and must accept a huge wave of dependent, unproductive social parasites from primitive, conflicted countries, just as is still happening today.

Sounding as if George Soros had written it himself, the report stated, “The key policy issue confronting Europe is not whether to accept forced migrants but rather how to turn the associated challenges into opportunities.” Remember, she wasn’t just a member of this group, she was the chairperson, who completely bought into and directed the report it produced.

It continued, “Reframing the discourse surrounding refugees from one of risk to one that recognizes the substantial social and economic contribution they can make to their host societies is increasingly important in light of the current large scale influx of migrants into Europe.”

They referenced that influx as if it was a natural occurrence of some type and not being orchestrated by the same forces that put their propaganda report together as a means of selling it to the Western world, ignoring the fact that the assault is being directed against white civilizations deliberately as the mechanisms of their destruction. People like her in charge of our border and immigration is the last thing this nation needs and is the foxes guarding the henhouse.

Breitbart News obtained a copy of her pre-hearing questionnaire and published a portion of it on Tuesday. Nielsen anxiously declared she was “ready to work with Congress” on a plan to give amnesty to the 800,000 DACA illegals, the foreign-born anchor babies that were the product of the perverted Obama DHS under Jihadi Jeh Johnson.

When she was asked if the information provided by DACA illegals would be used in enforcement proceedings, Nielsen stated in a manner that would make the evasive word-parsing king, her predecessor under Obama, Jeh Johnson, envious.

She replied, “If confirmed, I will ensure that DHS continues to follow the law, including federal court decisions. As I understand it, since the beginning of the DACA program, information obtained from someone with deferred action has not been provided proactively except in specific circumstances such as when the individual poses a risk to national security or public safety. Should I be confirmed, I will quickly and more thoroughly assess this issue.”

That’s a five line swamp doublespeak way of saying “No.” Instead of the DC Swamp being drained, the water level is rising and new, aggressive critters are being added to the population daily.


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7 Comments on Trump Open Borders DHS Nominee Supports Global Invasion, Amnesty

  1. Scott Walker // November 9, 2017 at 10:22 am // Reply


  2. “..UNABLE TO FIND REAL PATRIOTS FOR THE POSITIONS.” That is true when he keeps dragging them from the Swamp! So far, Trump has gotten rid of all his good picks, likely due to globalist pressure. It seems we can’t win for losing.

  3. If Trump only ran so he could claim the title “President” then this is what I would expect. The loses in NJ and Va. should tell Trump that just maybe his influence is waning and the cult of personality will only go so far.

    Tax “reform”, not really, omnibus spending, increased debt, no health care repeal, may be attributed to the feckless GOP, but I didn’t see Trump fight for his promises. It was more of the same, send me what you have and I’ll sign it.

  4. Dr. Kerr, PH.D. // November 8, 2017 at 11:30 pm // Reply

    If Nielsen becomes Sec. of Homeland Security, that will be the end of Trump! THe SWAMP is getting full again!

  5. Marjorie white // November 8, 2017 at 9:36 pm // Reply

    Am concerned about who will be chosen to work with Trump.

  6. i have been WONDERING about some of these PICKS OF TRUMP’S??

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