Trump Not Sending Anyone To Mingle With Globalist Pirates In Davos

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With Chinese President Xi Jinping set to headline the attendees as a speaker on opening day of this year’s Davos globalist confab, those handling his messaging and his calendar indicated that channels of communication were open and that there was the possibility of a meeting between China’s staff members and those of President-elect Trump.

That information was a little surprising, since Mr. Trump has been a ferocious opponent of the globalism that underpins this conference and which these people advocate. Taking that public statement at face value, we took the position that if Mr. Trump’s team would also be in attendance there must be a good reason, and that they would be “undoubtedly acting in a manner that is consistent with the priorities he identified throughout the campaign and with his actions since the election.” We added, “There is no reason to believe that they see this as anything other than an opportunity to act on behalf of the American people’s interests.” We were right.

Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks clarified his position in a statement to Bloomberg, saying. “No one will be attending.” A senior Trump official (likely Hicks) elaborated under the condition of speaking anonymously, indicating Mr. Trump was aware of the mixed message it would send and the possible appearance of a deviation and betrayal of his anti-globalism stance.

Globalists are facing a wave of backlash across the world from people who are rebelling against their manipulations, destroying nations and their economies, targeting the world’s populations for their own financial exploitation and power consolidation. How to best protect and continue with the globalist scorched earth policies will be a major topic of discussion. They’re concerned with adapting to and circumventing the rising populist rebellion against them. They’re not looking to abandon their schemes but to find work-arounds in order to continue despite being rejected by those they seek to control.

A recent study by the World Economic Forum determined that weak economic recovery following the “global financial crisis” has widened the gap between rich and poor and fueled a sense of “economic malaise” which spawned the rise of populist parties, at least that’s their story. The so-called global financial crisis was created as a mean of siphoning off cash from rich countries, the US in particular, to create desperation and to control our populations. The supposed response was never intended to do anything other than transfer wealth from the middle and lower classes to the elites. They didn’t need a study to tell them what they already knew and what they had themselves engineered, just to provide an excuse to the public and to deflect responsibility elsewhere.

China’s Xi Jinping is set to become the first Chinese president to attend the forum, bringing with him a contingent of China’s wealthiest executives – deals benefiting the elites will be made but they won’t have Donald Trump’s name on them. China will be open for business as usual while the put America first administration is being put into place. The forum extending through inauguration day, January 20th.

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3 Comments on Trump Not Sending Anyone To Mingle With Globalist Pirates In Davos

  1. because he doesn’t have to because he’s putting the globalists (goldman sachs Rothschild zionists) in his administration (such as his son-in-law, kushner)?

  2. Patricia Anno // January 15, 2017 at 11:41 am // Reply

    Good on Trump and his team !

  3. For a lot of reasons, this was the right thing for the Trump gang to do. Sometimes it is best to sit back, watch and listen. It’s amazing how much will come to he who is patient.

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