Trump News Censored By Nanny Kelly – Only Allowed Pro-Globalist Establishment Reporting

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Communicating the non-establishment message to President Trump is, as feared, becoming impossible under the watchful eye of his filter and censor, White House chief of staff General John Kelly.

President Donald Trump has noticed the absence of non-leftist, non globalist oriented publications, the Daily Caller and Breitbart from his sanitized viewing material lists prepared daily by the news nanny. The New York Times reports that on Friday he asked about it.

The Times reports, “Mr. Kelly cannot stop Mr. Trump from binge-watching Fox News, which aides describe as the president’s primary source of information gathering, but Mr. Trump does not have a web browser on his phone, and does not use a laptop, so he was dependent on aides like Stephen K. Bannon, his former chief strategist, to hand-deliver printouts of articles from conservative media outlets.”

Since when is having the television on called binge-watching? Did Obama binge-watch the NCAA basketball tournaments? Did they binge party with Beyonce and the other trashy rap and music industry sluts and slugs? Binging is something generally associated with unhealthy behaviors. If he were watching Fake News CNN would his minders be calling it something else?

They report, “Now Mr. Kelly has thinned out his package of printouts so much that Mr. Trump plaintively asked a friend recently where The Daily Caller and Breitbart were.” The timing might have been driven by the desire not only to keep nationalist, America first ideas out of the president’s mind, but to hide the criticism he’s receiving from his base over some of his more controversial decisions and policies.

Afghanistan and the battle over illegal aliens, particularly the DACA illegals, as well as the funding for the border wall are issues that Kelly may want to see only the globalist side influencing the President. After all, what’s the point of getting rid of Bannon and Gorka if their ideas are still going to be allowed inside the building?


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7 Comments on Trump News Censored By Nanny Kelly – Only Allowed Pro-Globalist Establishment Reporting

  1. He needs to be gone.

  2. I heard Kelly got his feelings hurt when Trump yelled at him. I hope it’s true!! If so, maybe the pos will quit.

  3. Maybe Kelly Anne can tweet him a list of links to conservative, non-globalist sites and articles on important topics. Permitting the firing of Dr. Sebastian Gorka by H. R. McMaster was the biggest mistake that President Trump has made in the first 7 months of his presidency. (Without question, McMaster is the one who should have been fired.)

  4. I am so tired of Kelly blocking President Trump from everyone and news but his choices. President Trump MUST dump him back to the swamp where he crawled out of.

  5. Kelly needs to go. Quickly.

    And, McMaster needs to go with him.

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