Trump Needs Zero Tolerance For Insubordination – Start With Voter Fraud Probe

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It makes no sense that President Trump is allowing the deep state to obstruct his initiatives, agenda and policies through what is outright insubordination and defiance. The solution is simple. It starts with identifying a directive that has not been implemented and then going to the person in charge or calling them into the White House and demanding that it happen immediately. Consistent and constant follow up is then initiated with immediately consequences for defiance or failure.

The process is then repeated in agency after agency until his agenda is moving. It might take a while but once the word gets out that those who fail to do as they’re told can expect a visit and some unpleasant consequences, the number of dissidents will begin to fall off rapidly. As things are now, there are no consequences for insubordination, there’s barely any acknowledgment of it.

There are many examples but one that is both striking and emblematic is the current resistance by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services to efforts by the Commission on Election Integrity to obtain the identifications of noncitizens living as permanent residents with green cards. Those are non-citizens, guests in our country, who have absolutely no basis to claim the information is privileged. It is being denied to an entity established by Presidential directive through executive order by an agency that reports to Homeland Security. Effectively, bureaucrats are telling President Trump “No.”

The information is needed for comparison to voter rolls to determine if any of these individuals are registered illegally to vote. The Washington Times asked CIS whether it would comply with a request from the commission, which is headed by Vice President Mike Pence, and got a non-committal response. They issued a generic non-answer statement saying, “It would be speculative and premature to comment on any future hypothetical request from the Commission to DHS for information.”

CIS also indicated they may attempt to base future refusals upon language in the executive order that states the commission’s work “shall be implemented consistent with applicable law.” The Washington Times noted, “Homeland Security’s answer suggests that federal law may block data transfer.” The Trump executive order also states, “Relevant executive departments and agencies shall endeavor to cooperate with the Commission.”

DHS is the only source for this data on legal immigrants. If there is no substantive legal obstacle to the transfer of information, demand compliance and dispatch someone to force the issue. If there is a valid legal consideration, have DHS Secretary Kelly swear in Kris Kobach as a Deputy or whatever position they feel appropriate and give him an office in DHS under CIS or inside CIS if that’s better. At that point, anyone who failed to comply with the “demands,” made by a superior within the department and the Secretary, would be shown the door or, short of that,  put into a basement office facing the restrooms, working a revolving swing/graveyard shift with Tuesdays and Thursdays off.

The bottom line is the executive orders must be followed, one way or another. Any manager worth his salt could come up with a strategy such as this or better and General Kelly is surely capable. What’s the hold up?


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7 Comments on Trump Needs Zero Tolerance For Insubordination – Start With Voter Fraud Probe

  1. Spot on! The fact that this not happening is suspect. It seems the globalists in this administration, also helping to take Trump out, must be stopped before it’s too late.

  2. Trump put his VP in charge of this project. Is he the obstruction?

  3. Excellent suggestions, Rick. I wish they would listen to you. I fully believe God is backing you too, and you have my prayers.

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