Trump Nails Hypocrite Propagandist Who Never Mentioned Clinton’s Russian Uranium

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President Trump may have been hoping for a question like this as he certainly made the most of it. It’s a point that should have been made during the debates with Hillary Clinton that wasn’t. It’s okay, he won anyway, and it was quite effective at this point in time, when he was once again falsely characterized by the Clinton Democrat media as being close to Russia.

President Trump responded, “But I’ll tell you one thing, she [Clinton] tried to make a deal. She had the reset. She gave all of that valuable uranium away. She did other things. You know they say I’m close to Russia, Hillary Clinton gave away twenty percent of the uranium in the United States, she’s close to Russia. You know what I gave to Russia? Nothing.”

Major Garrett, who is now firmly entrenched in the dark side at CBS, attempts to cut President Trump off with a follow up as he’s getting into topics which make his queen, Hillary Clinton, look bad. Headquarters doesn’t allow that sort of thing. He says, “Can we conclude there’ll be no response to these particular provocations?

President Trump replies, ‘I’m not going to tell you anything about what response I do. I don’t talk about military response.” He then contrasts himself with the telegraphing Hussein Obama, saying, “I don’t say I’m going into Mosul in four months,” mocking Obama making that announcement. He does the same for another announcement three months later, saying, “We are going to attack Mosul in one month. Next week we are going to attack Mosul.”

“Meantime,” says President Trump, “Mosul’s very, very difficult. You know why? Because – I don’t talk about military and I don’t talk about certain other things. You’re going to be surprised to hear that, and by the way, my whole campaign I’d say that. I don’t have to tell you.”

Garrett attempts to pressure the President, saying, “There will be a response.” President Trump holds firm, saying that he won’t tell him what he’s going to do with North Korea or Iran either, because they [our adversaries] shouldn’t know.

While he did a very good job of putting the establishment propagandist in his place, President Trump could actually have made the point of the Clinton shady deals to hand our uranium over to Russia a little better. He mischaracterized them as giving it away. Everything is for sale with Hillary Clinton and nothing of value is given for free. She exchanged approving the deal for huge, multimillion dollar donations to the Clinton Slush Fund and a few speaking jobs for her sleazy husband.

We can hope he decided not to mention it so that he wouldn’t put too much of a spotlight on an area of Attorney General Sessions’ investigation. She’s at the heart of this false Russia narrative and clearly it’s something that President Trump wishes would just go away. Maybe when Hillary’s in prison. Perhaps something gulag style, in keeping with the theme she seems to be so enamored with.

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