Trump Lead US Out Of Anti-Christian, Anti-Jew, Freedom-Hating, Global Terrorist UN

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The only thing surprising is that it took Hussein Obama so long to be recognized for the pro-Islam, anti-Christian, anti-Jew, anti-American that he is. Certainly the Iranians have long understood who their partner in DC is as have the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR since 2008. Yet gullible fools continued to believe what they wanted to believe, particularly Jews supporting Obama within the Democrat Party and Hollywood, who protected, insulated and ignored his every egregious act upon the slimmest and lamest of pretexts.

Trying to unseat Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu during the last election cycle, using US Taxpayer dollars in the process, in order to replace him with a more Islamic-friendly globalist alternative wasn’t enough to force their eyes open. We wonder Which side of her nose is funny girl Barbara Streisand laughing out of today? How shaking is Paul Simon’s bridge over these troubled waters? Are you feeling the betrayal yet or are you self-deluded beyond cognizance and salvation?

Obama claimed he was a Christian as a member of a black theological hate group that is essentially a terrorist organization, a racist anti-white terrorist group led by a false Christian theologian in Jeremiah Wright. He didn’t fool most of us then. He’s been decidedly pro-Islamic his entire regime and anti-Christian. We judged him by his actions, not his claims. His apology tour and proclamations that the world doesn’t belong to those who insult the prophet didn’t sound real Christian-like at the time and they still don’t.

He sought the refuge of the UN in accommodating the Iranians in order to circumvent the Constitution to allow them to start up their nuclear program and return billions in frozen assets.  They hid within a UN false treaty to craft the mechanisms for pillaging America’s treasury and crippling our economy and industry in the name of a climate-based get rich quick scheme.

It’s only natural that the UN is their illegitimate source of power through which Obama chose to level a body blow at this nemesis – Benjamin Netanyahu and the Jews.

The UN has been an instrument of corruption and ill-gotten gains and manipulation since its inception and one that works to subjugate America under its authority. Our sovereignty would become secondary to UN dominance once its global governance becomes a reality. The UN is an anti-American, anti-freedom, anti-Christian organization. It has no right to exist on our soil and it has no right to be funded by our people. The time for the divorce and expulsion is at hand.

President-elect Donald Trump took strong exception to the decision by the anti-American pretend president of unknown origin, Hussein Obama, for his decision not to veto a UN resolution critical of Israeli settlements. He promised things will be different once he takes the reins of the nation. Mr. Trump tweeted,  “As to the UN, things will be different after Jan. 20th.”

The UN is the tool of those who seek to destroy Europe through globalism and the Islamic invasion and they have their sights set on us in that regard as well.

Hopefully this is the straw that broke the Islamic UN camel’s back. Hopefully on January 20th, our membership in that international criminal organization and our support of their tyranny will come to an end. That, Mr. Trump, will be the right kind of different; getting off on the right foot.

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