Trump Just Following Kelly’s Orders – President Pitching For Team Globalist

president trump

America has a serious problem on its hands. Our government by the people no longer exists. The deep state operates from the shadows in its own interest and has succeeded to a significant degree in compromising President Trump.

We trusted President Trump but it seems he’s enabled his own coup, allowing himself to be isolated, accepting the lies he was told about order and structure when in actuality he is being controlled.

Trump has new globalist Democrat friends to go along with his family, having almost completely purged the nationalists that he claimed to be one of and had surrounded himself with in the campaign. He and Stephen Miller are the last two remaining of the America first MAGA crowd. Ask yourself – If President Trump really believed the platform he got elected on, would its advocates and proponents all be gone within the first year? It’s a long shot that Miller makes it to Thanksgiving Day.

His Information Nanny and Censor, General Kelly, is keeping Trump in full mushroom mode inside the Oval Office. Kelly runs things, he decides what is legitimate and what the President never learns. Our Commander-in-Chief is a figurehead, a puppet of the system. Kelly and McMaster run things.

Trump has surrounded himself with globalist captors of his own choosing who control what he sees and hears, what he’s allowed to know and what he is made to believe. They influence and manipulate his now-compliant decision making process, complete with all of the all-important “good Donald” pats on the head. “Everyone loves you now that you’ve turned to the left, Mr. President,” he’s told. Not everyone, not the folks that put him into office.

Surely Ivanka and Jared shower him with their liberal accolades as well. “Forget those racist American Rednecks, Daddy,” they’re nobody and you don’t need them anymore. The rich and powerful know what’s best and it’s a foreign invasion, open borders, the end of American sovereignty and lower labor costs for our businesses.

President Trump is like a medicated patient at a mental institution who is given newspapers full of holes from the potentially distressing news stories having been cut out to keep him from becoming upset or agitated. No cell phone, no alternative media, no unapproved personal communications and ideas. Even his personal bodyguard of decades, Keith Schiller, has been eliminated, forced out by the control freak Kelly.

The government is being handled by the deep state virtually unchanged from Obama under President Trump. The promises that count to the American people are being thwarted and broken and increasingly Trump is alone with his brainwashing globalist handlers. And always under the watchful eye and in the firm grasp of General John Kelly.

Love those DACA illegals, Mr. President? Change your mind on the wall? Just following orders from Kelly and George Soros? What’s the devil paying for a soul these days? To ignore this unpleasant reality or to quietly sit idly by and hope that things all work out on their own is to further enable it. There’s far too much passivity in this nation as it is. Trump’s misconduct can’t be dismissed as some grander plan, though a master scheme is most surely in place.

Americans who elected Trump voted for our ideals and principles that he claimed to embrace. We may have been misled and if that is the case we must find a different leader. It’s unfortunate that the swamp claimed President Trump as a victim, he had a lot of promise and could have made it happen. He said he couldn’t be bought there’s no disputing that something is influencing him. He’s not the same man we elected.


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