Trump Irritated With Anti-MAGA Globalists Inside Administration, Tolerating Kelly’s Controls

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President Trump shares some of the same concerns over members of his staff that many Americans in his base have long been voicing. Some of the globalists are wearing thin and even the gatekeeper of access, General Kelly, is reportedly seen as being too restrictive.

The Washington Post reported on Thursday that President Trump “chafes at some of the retired Marine Corps general’s moves to restrict access to him.” Kelly’s strict and morally superior demeanor has earned him the nickname “the church lady” among White House staffers.

They also report that insiders tell them President Trump is “simmering with displeasure over what he considers personal disloyalty” exhibited by Gary Cohn, the National Economic Council Director. It’s not just you, Mr. President, Democrat Cohn disagrees with every aspect of your MAGA agenda. Why is it he’s on your staff again?

His criticism of President Trump’s handling of the Charlottesville incident, on which the subsequent brutality of Antifa has proven Trump to be right in his assessment and statement, upset the President. Cohn supposedly wrote a letter of resignation after President Trump made his comments but decided not to submit it. Maybe Cohn should print another copy, now that current events have exposed him as not only a disloyal globalist ass but one that is wrong.

Cohn also told the Financial times in an interview last week that “this administration can and must do better in consistently and unequivocally condemning these groups.” Was Cohn talking about Antifa when he made those comments? No, he was talking about the white people holding a peaceful demonstration which the white-hating commies and Antifa thugs attacked. Cohn is a leftist allied with the globalist media and their thugs. Who is it that needs to apologize and to be more consistent? Is Cohn’s statement of condemnation for his Antifa thug allies imminent?

President Trump is also having some difficulties with his UN-loving globalist Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson and his publicly aired contradictory comments on Afghanistan troop levels, the blockade of Qatar and our policy on Cuba. Tillerson might want to pipe down and clean his own house. He’s yet to sufficiently deal with the Obama holdovers, leakers and numerous other traitors among the ranks at the State Department.

Has Tillerson disciplined anyone or even investigated them for the basement shredding and deleting party that took place among senior State Department staffers and Clinton aides early in the email investigation? Until they have it might be wise for him to keep his self-righteous NWO trap shut. Those who are a large part of the problem generally find it best not to draw attention to themselves.

The Post reports, “On Tillerson, Trump has come to see his top diplomat’s approach to world affairs as ‘totally establishment,’ in the words of one Trump associate. Several people close to Trump said they would be surprised if Tillerson stays in his post past his one-year mark in January. They hinted that his departure may come far sooner, with one describing it as ‘imminent.’”

The good news, though the Washington Post would certainly never report it that way, is that President Trump continues to seek outside advice from friends and advisers, including Roger Stone and Steve Bannon. That means he’s aware of what is happening to him and the way things are being perceived.

President Trump, while resistant to the restrictions put in place by Kelly, still values his contribution to the organization, telling a group of reporters at his Bedminster, NJ golf club earlier this month, “He’s brought something special to the office. I call him ‘chief.'”

He added, “He’s a respected man. He’s a four-star from the Marines, and he carries himself like a four-star from the Marines. And he’s my friend, which is very important.” The Kelly blockade will continue. We’ll see for how long.


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7 Comments on Trump Irritated With Anti-MAGA Globalists Inside Administration, Tolerating Kelly’s Controls

  1. Since almost all of the cabinet is working against Trump, my question is the same as this article …… “why is he keeping them”. You can’t bail the water when evryone else is filling the boat.

  2. that’s a good idea Kelliegh.

  3. Hadenoughalready // September 1, 2017 at 1:01 pm // Reply

    I think his appointing Kelly as his Com’s director was a coy way of keeping Kushner and Ivanka out of his earshot. Unfortunately, unintended consequences followed with other being unable to reach him with “good” advice.
    The best way to reach him is through Twitter, right now.

  4. Hadenoughalready // September 1, 2017 at 12:37 pm // Reply

    Trump is no fool and replacements aren’t falling through the WH door. This isn’t the time to throw people out; too many crises on his plate, right now. I’m sure he’ll clean house when the dust settles. He’s done it before.

  5. Kelleigh Nelson // September 1, 2017 at 11:39 am // Reply

    I really wish he’d can all these people, there’s a huge list that needs to go. I’d at least tell Kelly to get these buzzards into my office and have a very clear sit-down with them. Better yet, I’d make up a list of those who need to be fired, and give it to Kelly, with his name at the top, and tell him to tell everyone else before they leave, “There’s the door, don’t let it hit ya where the good Lord split ya.”

    Then Trump should contact every state campaign head who worked so hard for him, and have them give lists of great Trump supporters in their state with glowing Resumes in law enforcement, legal abilities, world affairs, etc. I’d hire them after firing the swamp rats. Then he’d have a decent administration. Right now I’m even pissed at Sessions, he can go too. Then, when he’s done doing all that. Have someone lock Pence in a closet for the rest of Trump’s term.


  7. Fred A. Hisle // September 1, 2017 at 10:31 am // Reply

    He needs to remove his daughter and son-in-law, along with mcBasturd.

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