Trump Hostage In WH To Neocon, Liberal Establishment – In Need Of America’s Help?

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If you’re one of the many Americans who are not happy with the idea of President Trump turning his back on the promises of his campaign about interventionism and the weak premise for the hurried missile strikes into Syria before the evidence could be inspected and guilt determined, you’re not alone. According to Alex Jones, 80% of his listeners are also similarly asking questions. 

Jones mentions reports that Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump “have basically had a Democrat coup at the White House,” but has something else more pressing to discuss, the preparation for a massive US military invasion of Syria. It’s something that Mike Cernovich reported yesterday, which was covered in our pages.

Jones, who has been known on rare occasions to exaggerate slightly, claims to have made some calls to the Pentagon and personally confirmed that an invasion plan is set for Syria. He says regular Army is being positioned in the country as well as a Marine Expeditionary Force “ready to pound Damascus if need be or even to go to war with the Russians.” One has to wonder how many babies that type of shock and awe would kill.

According to Jones, the hawkish National Security Adviser and Petraeus prodigy, HR McMaster, has stated that he wants to take out ISIS and Assad simultaneously. That’s the same thing that John McCain has been saying for the last few days, indicating some type of coordination.

Jones reaffirms, as we all must do when questioning events to avoid being mistaken for having given up on President Trump, that the problem is not with the President but with the prospect of him being co-opted by the globalists. Everything he ran on, the national security, border security, Constitutional issues still remain, but the alliance with the neocon colonialists has to stop.

Jones says there are three things that have given him concerns about President Trump, which are concerns this writer shares, the bad health bill, his attacking of the Freedom Caucus members, his base, as if they are the enemy, and now this alliance with the neocons in military adventurism. I would add the ostracizing of Steve Bannon to that list as well.

He draws a distinction between honoring our commitments and the real threats of China in the South China Sea or of North Korea to South Korea and Japan versus the fabricated situation in Syria in which the globalists inserted the terrorist agitators in a failed attempt to overthrow the sovereign nation’s government, and open it up for profiteering.

Jones warns that President Trump is surrounded, the government is in rebellion and ignoring his orders. We need to stand by him but he needs to come to the people, break free of his neocon handlers and let us know he’s still the same guy. Something isn’t right. The questions are what, why and by whom.

Would anyone want to hazard a guess that it is the illegal foreign squatter and his loyalists, in conjunction with the deep state establishment and the Soros agitator, “Masters of the Universe” types of the shadow government who are at the root of all of this?


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