Trump Holding His Ground On Wall As Squishy RINOs Surround Him

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Is anyone ready for a fight with the anti-American left? Millions of conservative Americans are. We’re so past being tired of the never-ending capitulation and surrendering by our supposed representatives in the DC Swamp.

We elected President Trump to put an end to it and on many points, such as the fulfillment of the “lock her up” campaign promises, are still waiting.  He’s been strong in spots and it’s looking like lately he’s finally remembered what he’s supposed to be doing, who his friends are and perhaps given up on the fantasy of pleasing liberals.

President Trump stood strong on Monday on his vow that he would let the Democrats shut down the government before he would surrender on the border wall. Democrats have threatened to block funding for the wall and in the process, significant, non-critical portions of the federal government would shut down as well. President Trump said he hoped a shutdown wouldn’t be necessary, saying, “We’ll have to see.”

In the past when that has happened Republicans have always completely given in to the Democrats, but that was when there was a globalist Democrat in the White House that they could, led by Mitch McConnell, cave in to. Now we have a president who values national sovereignty and security and both are represented and advanced by the construction of a border wall. The anti-America Democrats do not have a leg to stand on in their efforts to block its construction and neither do the “desperate to surrender” RINOs.

Only a physical barrier will control the border, that’s why Democrats oppose it so fiercely

President Trump has not only the threat of illegal aliens and terrorists from the illegal trafficking in humans to interdict and halt, there’s also the drug epidemic that is ravaging much of America’s youth. It can only be stopped with the construction of barriers and rigid enforcement.

In a recent press conference, President Trump stated, “The wall is needed from the standpoint of security. the wall is needed from the standpoint of drugs — the tremendous drug scourge. We will build the wall and we will stop a lot of things including the drugs, the drugs are pouring in at levels nobody has ever seen. We will be able to stop them once the wall is up.”

He added, “You need the wall to do the rest and you need the wall for the drugs. The drugs are a tremendous problem. It will greatly help with the drug problem and ultimately that’s a good thing with Mexico also.”

Rep Charlie Dent (R-PA) represents the problem President Trump faces in dealing with surrender-first America whenever Republicans as his allies in the fight against the globalist open border Democrats. Dent recently said, “Shutting down the government would be a self-destructive act, not to mention an act of political malpractice.” It’s a sad state of affairs when demanding the wishes of the people being met is seen as malpractice by some cowardly office holders.

Dent revealed what he’s made of, saying he expected the Senate would “strip out” $1.6 billion that had been set aside to start building the wall in a spending measure already passed by the House, and send it back to that chamber for another vote.

How about we shut down the Government to include Congressional paychecks?

In signaling his intention to betray the President, his agenda and the American people, Dent said that although he voted for the wall funding the first time around, he’d have no problem with it being taken out and caving to Democrats as usual if it meant keeping the government open. How about we shut down the government, including the payroll of pieces of putrid garbage like Dent until the wall is completely funded?

President Trump has to demand that Republicans discover the courage to do what they were hired to do, protect our nation from the ravages of Democrat globalism. Call it whatever name you like, the communist thug globalists have taken over the Democrat Party and are working feverishly to destroy America.

The wall is a vital component to preserving our nation. It’s indispensible. Our President must remain strong and the cowardly RINOs must learn what it means to be a man or woman of principles. They must represent the people who voted for them, not the people who paid for their campaigns. If not we need to find someone else that will actually do the job. A replacement, with guts, who’ll put America first.


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  1. Hold strong, Mr. President! We, the People, the Patriots of the Constitution, stand with you!!

  2. On the plans for the wall, what do the small x marks and a note at the bottom left of the drawing that reads; “25 pound motion sensitive land mine at 25 feet O.C..” mean.


  4. Shut it down and do not continue any compensation to congress or their staff.

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