Trump To GOP – Role Of Executive Orders In Return To US Greatness

president trump retreat


It is likely that the only time the word retreat is ever mentioned in a sentence describing President Trump is in a situation where he is attending a gathering. In his speech at the Republican retreat in Philadelphia on Thursday, President Trump highlighted some of his actions of earlier in the week and his plans to build upon them in the near future. He said, “We’ve put into place the first steps in our immigration plan, ordering the immediate construction of the border wall, putting an end to catch and release, expediting the removal of…criminal aliens. They’re going to be gone, fast.”

“And finally,” says President Trump, “at long last, cracking down on sanctuary cities. It’s time to restore the civil rights of Americans, to protect their jobs, their hopes and their dreams for a much better future.” He draws attention to another executive action, saying, “We’ve also withdrawn from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, paving the way for new one on one trade deals to protect and defend the American worker and believe me, we’re going to have a lot of trade deals.”

After reassuring Senate Majority Leader McConnell that the deals will be coming, President Trump says, “They’ll be one on one. They won’t be a whole big mash-pot, they’ll be one on one deals. And if that particular country doesn’t treat us fairly, we send them a thirty day termination – notice of termination. And then they’ll come and say ‘please don’t do that,’ and we’ll negotiate a better deal during that thirty day period.”

He notes, “The other way you can’t get out of it, it’s like quicksand. Plus we’re going to have very, very strong controls over  monetary manipulation and devaluation.”

The last sentence has China written all over it, given the frequent mentions they received from the President both during the campaign and since for currency manipulation. The current dust-up with Mexico and canceling of their president’s visit that is presented an escalation arising from the dispute over who will pay for the border wall is also likely part of the negotiation process, setting the stage for future demands for concessions.

President Trump seems to always be several steps ahead of everyone else, in command of the playing field, fully aware of all of his options and tools and when to play them for the maximum benefit and effect. This is a masterful display and we all have front row seats. It’s like The Art of the Deal – Presidential Edition – hardcover, of course.

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