Trump Vindicated- Says Clinton Russia Hoax “All Turned Around,” Uranium, Fake Dossier

President Trump met with reporters on the White House lawn for a few questions and took the opportunity to comment on the sleazy, criminal Clintons,

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President Trump is getting his “I told you so” time with the media as we entered the initial stages of what will likely be a long period of time for Hillary Clinton and the Obama Democrats under increasing scrutiny for their anti-American pilfering and corruption.

There’s even the very real possibility that this time around they won’t escape justice, that we’ll see some indictments and some stiff sentences for their crimes.

From the White House Lawn President Trump initiates the conversation, saying, “What they’ve done with this fake dossier, it was made up.”

He says, “And I understand they paid a tremendous amount of money and Hillary Clinton always denied it, the Democrats always denied it and now only because it’s going to come out in a court case they said yes, they did it, they admitted it and they’re embarrassed by it.”

Trump says, “But I think it’s a disgrace. It’s a very sad commentary on politics in this country.”

At the 7:29 point in the video President Trump talks about the Clinton – Russia pilferage of the United States through the mechanism of Uranium One. He says, “I think the uranium sale to Russia and the way it was done, so underhanded, with tremendous amounts of money being passed, I actually think that’s Watergate, modern age.”

He addresses the topic of his condolence call to the wife of La David Johnson, with President Trump affirming that he had a chart with his name on it right in front of him and also has one of the great memories of all time. He called him by name immediately and was very nice and respectful throughout the conversation.

President Trump noted that the media has been trying to find a Gold Star Family to make a statement denouncing him and, aside for Johnson, agitated by Wilson, they haven’t been able to find anyone.

President Trump says at the 11:30 mark, “I’d love to do DACA but we have to get something very substantial for it, including the wall, including security, including a strong border. We have to be able to stop drugs from pouring into our nation.”

At the 12:30 point, Trump comments, “I have to say, the whole Russian thing is what it’s turned out to be. This was the Democrats coming up with an excuse for losing an election. It’s an election that’s very hard for a Democrat to lose, because the Electoral College is set in such a way that it’s very hard to lose that election for a Democrat.”

He says, “They lost it, they lost it very badly and very easily.” He continued, “They lost it by a lot, they didn’t know what to say, so they made up the whole Russia hoax. Now it’s turning out that the hoax is turned around. And you look at what’s happened with Russia and you look at the uranium deal, and you look at the fake dossier, so that’s all turned around.”

Fox’s John Roberts asks about the Fusion GPS operation, with Trump responding, “Well they say it began with the Republicans. I think I would know but I won’t say – it’ll be determined, it’ll be determined. Look, Hillary would have never announced it was them except for this great court case that’s going on where the judge was going to reveal it, so they figured we’ll do it first.”

He adds, “They’re very embarrassed by it, it’s a disgrace. Yes, it might have started with the Republicans early on in the primaries. I think I would know but let’s find out who it is. I’m sure that will come out. If I were to guess, I have one name in mind.”

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5 Comments on Trump Vindicated- Says Clinton Russia Hoax “All Turned Around,” Uranium, Fake Dossier

  1. McStain was the bag man. It will be interesting to see who all the players are. I know the GOP would do anything to stop Trump winning, and there may be a whole gaggle of them working to stop this. Sure puts a crimp in their “impeach” plans.

    • Haven’t heard a peep from the facial anus on the front of Maxine Waters’s head. She “knew” Trump was colluding with Russia and that “knowledge” was grounds for impeachment, so she said. Surely she’s a big girl who will admit when she was wrong.

  2. if he had to guess he has one name on mind.
    i DON’T think it takes too much imagination to come to that conclusion.
    ant thoughts anyone?

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