Trump Officials Back Citizenship For DACA Illegals, Now Silent On Rewarding Their Parents

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President Trump’s promise that he would end DACA on day one is steadily morphing into an amnesty in year one.

Once we were threatened by a determined and devious Democrat in the White House who would be, at least on the theatrical level, opposed by most who claim to be conservatives in Congress.

Now we have one of our own, the guy who promised to be the champion of the American people on this issue, offering to make a deal with the enemy, in favor of the invaders, forgetting the spirit of his promise altogether.

This is a much more precarious situation than we faced under Obama, as the opposition to an amnesty is likely to be far weaker. It will be up to the citizens to mount a challenge and to block its imposition. Our President has, unfortunately, flipped on this very important issue.

On September 14th President Trump told reporters, “We’re not looking at citizenship, we’re not looking at amnesty. We’re looking at allowing people to stay here.” Now it’s clear that amnesty and citizenship are exactly what they’re talking about.

On Tuesday top officials within the Trump administration told Congress that the same DACA illegals trump was speaking of less than three weeks ago should be given “a pathway to citizenship.” Michael Dougherty, assistant Homeland Security secretary for strategy and policy, said the DACA illegals deserve citizenship.

He testified, “They’re a benefit to the country, as are many immigrants coming in. They are a valuable contribution to our society. We need to regularize their status through some legal means.” Senator Lindsey Graham pressed him on whether that status should be less than full citizenship. Dougherty made the administration’s position clear and it’s no different from that of the Obama regime.

He said, “Creating second-class citizens or people who are never able to naturalize is not a good model.” He indicated that President Trump shares that belief. As for allowing the new DACA illegals, the foreign born anchor babies to then turn around and reward the illegality of their parents by awarding them citizenship, Dougherty became less outspoken, saying, ” I’d leave that to you. We’re happy to help in any way we can.

President Trump tweeted on September 15th, in response to outrage on the part of his base, and adamant declaration that “CHAIN MIGRATION cannot be allowed to be part of any legislation on Immigration!” Dougherty’s response indicates the administration has now lost its resolve on that issue as well.

Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) indicated he and his colleagues are ready to make a deal, signaling the issues they’re willing to offer as tokens in exchange for giving the Democrats all future elections include “more” border security, cleaner laws related to deportation, and mandatory use by businesses of E-Verify.

Why would any Democrat oppose that offer? Once their new “citizens” are created it’s a simple matter of reversing whatever concessions they might make today as part of the great floodgate opening of the future.

Seemingly naive despite his years, Grassley said, “If everybody’s reasonable, we can reach a solution.” Either he doesn’t know his Democrat opposition or he’s dealing to us from the bottom of the deck. Democrats are never reasonable.

As if to prove that point, Democrats spoke out against the compromise that Grassley raised. The vile New York Senator, Chuck Schumer, threatened, “If Republicans continue to insist on measures outside of the Dream Act and sensible border security that excludes the wall, they’re going to risk ruining a bipartisan agreement to protect the Dreamers.” We should be so lucky. The discussion should end right there.


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6 Comments on Trump Officials Back Citizenship For DACA Illegals, Now Silent On Rewarding Their Parents

  1. President Donald J. Trump your base is very unhappy and may not be your base if you continue down this path. Toss Kelly and McMaster and anyone else that is behind your choice on this. DACA has jobs that legal Americans are unable to get. What is your opinion on that? Oh well, all people elected to office finally become politicians who lie and do what they want. Be sure and talk to McCain about that.

  2. Based on the bait and switch policies we are seeing, I’m of the belief that the globalist cabal had a stealth candidate, great at whipping up drama and playing the tune the “forgotten man” needed to hear. It wasn’t difficult to drop the crooked politicians, with their constant lies, for a patriot platform.

    First he gave the shill Pence that task of transitioning the team, all swamp creatures which he approved. Then any “patriots” were removed. Trump did not fight for his promises, He never lobbied for repeal, he said send me 0care 2.0 and I’ll sign it.

    Looks like we will have massive amnesty, well beyond “dreamers”. Economy, regulations, doing good, and while agree, it mostly benefits crony capitalism, and those invested in the market. That’s good but many are left behind. So far the tax “reform” will be mostly for the wealthy. That is OK, but again the “forgotten man” will most likely gain very little and maybe nothing. Welfare will do just fine. If he really wanted equality and growth, Trump should demand a flat tax, or the like.

    Unless there is a major change in governing, I say he was a self centered globalist and was only looking for the title “Mr. President”, which will greatly benefit him when he leaves, most likely after 1 term.

  3. Before this term is done, we can all say Trump is a typical Politician! Piss’s me off. Seems he would rather please the enemy’s in the Political World.Hope he knows they will all vote DEMO-RAT! Beginning of the end.. And good? Yea, how many have committed Crimes, on welfare, voted Illegal, and the cost of these demanding Illegals. Yea some good, but guarantee you, not a whole lot of them. Then they can take more American jobs!Wonder what Illegal is Using My SSDI, I paid into and fighting the freaking Goverment for 17 yrs! BS Any more promise’s he can demise? He has forgot the people who put him in the WH!

  4. well.
    if Trump ALLOWS this to go through, then after that MESS IN LAS VEGAS DECIDES TO TRY SOME FORM OF GUN CONTROL?
    i can tell him now, HE WILL BE DONE.

  5. Sounds like the dem’s, COC and MIC have won. Also sounds like Trump loses his base.

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