Monuments To Failure – NO TRUMP BORDER WALL In SWAMP Sellout Budget Agreement

President Trump promised America a big, beautiful wall. It appears a Stonehenge-like hodgepodge of prototypes may be as close as we’ll get. He’s now backing a swamp sellout…

monuments failure border wall

There is nothing artful in the two-year budget deal that the sellout Senate is patting themselves on the back for coddling together in a “bipartisan” fashion. Bipartisan deals translate into those where Democrats win and Republicans cave under the weak protection of some face-saving component upon which to declare they got everything they could. McConnell is the master of bipartisan surrender.

The current bill being shoved down the throats of the American people by the reckless, duplicitous swamp rats, Schumer and McConnell, increases spending by $296 billion but has not a cent for the border wall. That big, beautiful protective structure remains a figment of President Trump’s imagination and our own.

If Congress wants to be reckless and irresponsible with our money, what’s another twenty billion or so to finance the wall? Then the savings would start to pile up. But they’re not going to let us secure our country. Our military is being funded but the invasion is still ongoing and won’t be stopped. Our military is, effectively, securing this plot of ground for foreigners who haven’t arrived yet, our replacements.

We might have hoped that President Trump would signal that he isn’t going to support the deal. So far that is not the case, but there is still hope. When his constituents, we the people, rise up and express our anger at being betrayed, he has a history of “correcting” his position. We can hope that that will be the case again.

Focusing on the military and saying not a word about the wall and the protection from invaders, drugs and terrorists we were promised, President Trump tweeted about the deal, saying, “The Budget Agreement today is so important for our great Military. It ends the dangerous sequester and gives Secretary Mattis what he needs to keep America Great.”

President Trump said, “Republicans and Democrats must support our troops and support this Bill!” He ignores the fact that almost half of it is Democrat domestic spending, much of it wealth redistributive in nature, $131 billion of the total. That has nothing to do with the military and selling this as supporting the military is disingenuous.

Supporting the military is not a justification for ignoring the 2,000 mile long open door along our southern “boundary.” Supporting the military is important, for national security. That is the same reason the border wall is important. Give us both. If necessary, take the border wall funding evenly out of the shares of both the military and domestic spending allotments. Just get it done. Americans are tired of broken promises on this critical issue.

We didn’t vote for President Trump for a lame excuse and ultimate capitulation to the Democrats and military funding in exchange. We’ve had enough of open borders Republicans doing that to us in the past. Trump was supposed to be different. He told us he was different. He promised us a secure southern border and the wall. The great deal maker needs to find a way to get that done.

When this monstrosity passes the Senate it will go back to the House, the home of more responsible thinking but still heavily infested with open border, communist Democrats. Our prospects aren’t good, the swamp appears to have won again.

In attempting to sell this bag of garbage to the American people as something positive, the establishment tells us what a great job they did in making progress and giving the unwashed masses what “we need.” McConnell said, “No one would suggest it is perfect. But we worked hard to find common ground and stay focused on serving the American people.” Betrayal is not service.

Similarly peddling the self-serving, face-saving tripe, Chuck Schumer said, “The budget deal doesn’t have everything Democrats want; it doesn’t have everything the Republicans want, but it has what the American people need. It shows that bipartisanship still lives in Washington and that both parties can work together to address the issues affecting our nation.”

No, it shows that once again all of the promises are unkept, the theatrics were all part of the cover for the eventual betrayal, and is further evidence the American people have lost their country to the globalist scum in Washington DC. We are being played like fools, shown the shiny objects, distracted and pacified with claims of security as the enemies pour in through the open gates. Forget the military parade, do something meaningful with our money. Keep your promises, Mr. President. Build the damn wall.


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7 Comments on Monuments To Failure – NO TRUMP BORDER WALL In SWAMP Sellout Budget Agreement

  1. someone could start Go Fund me, see where that goes

  2. Mr. President, do not sign off on this proposed budget and, therefore, break your promises to us concerning the building of the wall, stopping the overspending of the government and no DACA deals. I understand DACA is not included in the proposed budget but neither is the building of the wall. If the government must face a shutdown, then so be it. Please do not compromise!

  3. James Higginbotham // February 9, 2018 at 12:28 pm // Reply

    i like Jimmie Halls response, but instead lets do it WITH COMMUNIST DEMORATS AND RINOS.
    and like always i advice people to BUY MORE AMMO.
    because i have a lot of and NO bragging, experience in WAR, and READING THE WINDS, and we are HEADED RIGHT THERE, AND RIGHT HERE.

  4. Josephine Marshall // February 9, 2018 at 5:57 am // Reply

    The President has just lost his base, all of the people that voted for him. Next is the revolution.

  5. If there is no wall, I’m done supporting Trump. I’m done hoping the criminals get locked up. I’m done reading crap stories everyday hoping for good news for this country. We will soon be the new shithole.

  6. Another perfect summary! I think the majority of voters will say – “finally bipartisan solutions, …. winning!”

    Trump has not really fought for any legislation. He was not fighting for 0care repeal. He said send me the “0care 2.0” legislation and I’ll sign it.

    He didn’t fight for the campaign touted tax reform.

    He put globalists in the cabinet.

    He didn’t drive budget process for good.

    He is not curtailing “nation building”. Afghanistan has expanded.

    IMO, he is either on board with the globalists or he can’t negotiate or lead. He seems to have abdicated on just about everything except Twitter and “fake news”.

  7. I guess its time to break out the ammo and start building the god dam wall out of dead mexicans

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