Trump Blasts Black Robed Terrorism Enabler In Hawaii Over-Reaching His Authority

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President Trump announced to a crowd he was speaking to in Nashville the news he had just received that an Obama appointee, black robed agitator had usurped his constitutional authority and blocked the terrorist entry ban. Now terrorists from any nation can exercise their “ACLU given rights” to enter our nation and blast the crap out of anyone they choose to. Hopefully they’ll start in Seattle, Minneapolis, San Francisco or Honolulu.

Trump On Overreach By Obama Appointee “So-Called” Judge

“The order he blocked,” says the President, “was a watered-down version of the first order, that was also blocked by another judge, and should have never been blocked to start with. This new order was tailored to the dictates of the ninth circuit’s, in my opinion, flawed ruling.”

President Trump continues, saying, “The danger is clear, the law is clear, the need for my executive order is clear. I was elected to change our broken and dangerous system and thinking in government that has weakened and endangered our country and left our people defenseless.”

He asks, “You don’t think this was done by a judge for political reasons, do you? No. This ruling makes us look weak,” says President Trump, “which, by the way, we no longer are, believe me. Just look at our borders. We’re going to fight this terrible ruling. We’re going to take our case as far as it needs to go, including all the way up to the Supreme Court.”

It’s worth noting that the message to the invasion faithful from the ACLU in the form of a tweet from David Mack was based upon a statement by the ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project’s Director Omar Jadwat, obviously an Islamist. Then you’ve got the leader of the ACLU’s “People Power” anti-Trump “resistance movement,” Faiz Shakir, also clearly and Islamist. Both funded by George Soros and other America-hating globalists like him.

Anyone who thinks the American Civil Liberties Union has anything to do with the rights of Americans or promoting our liberties is mistaken. It’s an invasion organization, led by those who seek to steal our country and become our masters, CAIR with an American civil rights sounding name. A sister organization with the same mission of Islamic conquest. The name is a simple and effective disguise.

President Trump just addressed a judge shutting down his travel and refugee ban (again). “This is … an unprecedented judicial overreach”


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