Trump Ally John Bolton Latest Who Can’t Get Past Kelly – Posted Article To Make Contact

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With the access to President Trump now closely controlled by his official handler and gatekeeper, General John Kelly, the effective result is that he is increasingly being isolated, his information hand selected and basically becoming a sort of prisoner of the globalists he has surrounded himself with.

Both Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka voiced concerns that they were no longer able to communicate with the President directly prior to their parting ways and now Ambassador John Bolton, a Trump ally and unofficial adviser admits he’s being screened out as well.

He even went so far as to publish an article in the National Review on the chance that it might be read by the President, an act of desperation in the face of an impenetrable obstruction.

On Monday Bolton published what he describes as a game plan for President Trump to exit the Iran nuclear deal that Hussein Obama saddled us with. That kind of thing might have been better delivered in private, but apparently the only options under Kelly are a choice between before the entire world or not at all.

In addition to the 5 page memo on Iran, Bolton included comments relative to Kelly’s strangle hold on access to President Trump. Bolton said, “Many outside the administration wondered how this was possible: Was Trump in control, or were his advisers?”

He continued, “Defining a compelling rationale to exit Obama’s failed nuclear deal and elaborating a game plan to do so are quite easy. In fact, Steve Bannon asked me in late July to draw up just such a game plan for the president — the option he didn’t have — which I did.”

Trump once told Bolton to drop by anytime – those days are over with Controller Kelly

He added, “I offer the Iran non-paper now as a public service, since staff changes at the White House have made presenting it to President Trump impossible. Although he was once kind enough to tell me “come in and see me any time,” those days are now over.”

Bolton told a reporter with Axios, Evan Vucci, that he had requested a meeting with the president “through the correct channels” but the request was denied. Bolton declined to elaborate any further.

It’s unlikely Bolton is an isolated case. In limiting access Kelly is inevitably limiting the viewpoints and information President Trump receives, as he did in this instance. President Trump sees what Kelly wants him to see, what he and his cadre of globalists and neocons find credible. Invariably those subjective determinations will favor those that align with the views of Kelly, McMasters, Tillerson and other globalists who are less than enthusiastic about draining the swamp and MAGA.

Vucci noted that Trump may begin to feel cut off from people he once spoke to on a regular basis and demand changes to his isolation, his being cut out of the herd. He also offered a counterpoint that Kelly only wants one brand of information presented for consideration.

In making that case, Vucci said, “Based on information they’ve been receiving from the intelligence community, White House officials are expected to consider Bolton’s advice as simplistic and unhelpful.” That’s the same kind of condescending dismissal input from Sebastian Gorka received prior to his being removed from the Trump team.

Vucci continued, “The reason they say they’ve advised President Trump to re-certify the Iran nuclear deal even though he doesn’t want to is because they say the intelligence community doesn’t have the evidence required to prove Iran has been noncompliant. Also, it’s unlikely that any of Trump’s top national security and foreign policy advisers will buy into Bolton’s idea that you can rally the international community behind a U.S. withdrawal from the deal.”

Properly negotiated treaties don’t require spies for overt verification of compliance

Not having evidence never stopped them from providing ammo for a special prosecutor. Treaties shouldn’t require spies to verify compliance. If it does, it’s an even worse deal than we thought, and another reason to step away from it.

The decision has been made by Kelly that President Trump doesn’t need to see what Bolton had to say, then and in the future. What our President is allowed to see is being censored and spoon-fed.

Bolton counters that the current line of thinking will inevitably lead to a nuclear armed Iran. Bolton acknowledges what is an unpopular though possibly quite valid line of thinking, that US or Israeli military action may be the only option for preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. In the meantime, Kelly and McMaster control the access and with it, to a degree, they control our President.

Divide and conquer – Our leader has been distanced and is increasingly isolated from his movement. It will only continue to worsen as the globalists and Obama holdovers cement their positions, wherever possible, as the policy makers who are at the helm of the administration.


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13 Comments on Trump Ally John Bolton Latest Who Can’t Get Past Kelly – Posted Article To Make Contact

  1. Darn! That’s what happens when one gets old.

  2. I believe most of us knew that when Kelly was first put into position. There have to be internet sites that our President reads when possible, so someone has to get through to him. Kelly should not only be fired, he should be brought up before the Armed Forces and stripped of rank and all medals he has earned. He is a Commie Globalist foe and thus is no American!!

    • Here’s a site where you can write directly to the President. They will read your messages. I don’t know for sure if they pass the word on to the President.

      You can also tweet him at @realdonaldtrump, I believe.

  3. IF Trump is allowing them to cut him off from “conservative” voices and the ability to read and discern other input them he is not the smart person we have been led to believe. I can’t believe anyone who has been this successful is that ignorant. He may have been completely co-opted, played us, or is working a strategic plan.

    Unless things change, soon, I will lean toward option 1 or 2.

  4. Now how do we help get the word to our President that he is being manipulated and to relook into who he has working for him? Kelly, I wasn’t sure about but McMasters was a definite no in my book. I also don’t think his daughter and son-in-law are being any help to him. We can’t just let them keep getting rid of those who are Trump’s supporters.

  5. Very concerned that the President isn’t surrounding himself with the correct personal he needs, isn’t he aware of the grave situation he’s in? Doesn’t he realize that McMaster, Kelly,Rosenstein, McCabe have got to go? why isn’t he taking advice from his long time friend Roger Stone? The President is going to shoot himself in the foot and eventually lose his support. I for one want to see him keep his campaign promise and prosecute Hillary Clinton among many others. The public want to see justice served, tired of the corrupt laughing in our face and walking away unscathed. The President needs to replace AG Jeff Sessions with someone who will get the job done and will put an end to the “Witch Hunt “and Robert Mueller

  6. The only way to see their true colors is to let then do the things they wanted to do. Remove them now, a lot of people wouldn’t know the reason. There are fake news everyday until Trump adminstration is over. I can see the differences day and night.

  7. Nice job, Rick. The Donald is being nullified.

  8. Kelleigh Nelson // August 29, 2017 at 6:29 pm // Reply

    Tell me, what the heck is the President thinking? Really…

  9. I consider the nominees this corrupt congress refuses to vote for, who are all part of the whole.

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