Trump Adviser Carter Page Questioned By Herridge About Obama Regime Surveillance

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Former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page is one of three individuals associated with the Trump campaign who has offered to testify in open public hearings before both House and Senate Intelligence committees regarding their alleged involvement in the supposed Russia collusion, which remains a completely evidence-free assertion of guilty until proven innocent.

Information has recently come to light that Page was targeted by the Obama regime and the FBI under a FISA warrant in the summer of 2016. Carter addresses that revelation, saying, “I have nothing that I want to hide and the more that the truth comes out, the better.”

Catherine Herridge interviews Page noting, “To get a surveillance warrant, the FBI has to have solid evidence. So how do you explain it?” He responded, “Well, we shall see. Again, there was a tremendous amount of false evidence.”

Herridge referenced some of that the false evidence, which she labeled as “The Trump Dossier,” compiled by Christopher Steele, a former British Intelligence officer.  Page says, “There is various reporting about where that false evidence may have come from, such as the dodgy dossier.” Herridge plays a clip of James Comey speaking in which he describes the FISA applications as being “as thick as his wrist or thicker” and the process as a “huge pain in the neck to get permission to bug somebody in the United States, and that’s the way it should be.”

Of course by using the word “bug,” Comey didn’t mean the use of actual insects, just as Trump didn’t mean to use actual wires in wiretapping. The difference is that nobody is going to make a big deal out of nothing for Comey using common descriptions with multiple possible interpretations.

Taking cover in the nature of the information and investigation, Democrat Senator Mark Warner basically declared that guilt is implied by virtue of the warrant being issued and refusing to comment beyond that, saying, “If a FISA warrant has been issued, it is a very, very serious matter. It does sound like Senator Warner might be trying to say something without saying anything; is some evidence finally about to materialize, has he been getting innuendo pointers from Shifty Adam Schiff?

Herridge reports that “In 2013 the FBI investigated efforts by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s government to recruit Americans. Page’s name surfaced in the probe, identified as male-1.” She asks, “According to these court documents, the allegation is that you passed energy documents to a Russian intelligence operative. Is that what happened?”

Page replied, “It was the same ‘energy documents’ that I sent and gave to my students at NYU. She asked, “Did the Russians try to recruit you?” Page replied, “I was never asked by anyone to do anything untoward or otherwise.” That wasn’t really the question, Carter, was it?

He also reportedly had virtually no contact with former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, whose spokesman said, ‘An alleged Associated Press report Manafort received $1.2 million in off the books payments is ‘misleading and incorrect.'” The entire English language is misleading and incorrect the way these people use it.

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