Trump Admin Appeal Hawaii “So-Called” Judge Executive Order Ruling To 9th Circuit

trump appeal


President Trump’s administration has  filed an appeal of the decision of Obama’s Yale classmate, “so-called” Judge Derrick Watson of Honolulu. Watson has ruled, in a completely political decision that didn’t even include a legal basis for the decision, that he, not the President, determines how United States immigration policies are implemented and enforced and what type of national security protections we are entitled to as Americans.

The Sessions DOJ is challenging his insane ruling that the commercial interests of his native state of Hawaii, the “rights” of a random Middle Eastern student who is not an American, and the “rights” of a terrorist supporting Imam to have his Syrian mother visit him from the terrorist nation took priority over the rights of innocent Americans not to be blasted to smithereens or shot dead by a foreign terrorist.

On Thursday the Sessions Department of Justice filed an appeal to the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, arguing that the President was within his rights, authority and the responsibilities of his office when he issued the second terrorist travel ban executive order. Travel to the US from six terrorist nations and the terrorist importation program of Hussein Obama were suspended by the EO, which was put on hold prior to taking effect. America, in the eyes of the criminal “Hawaiian hack in black,” has no right to keep terrorists out. They have a “right” to open access to kill Haoles as they see fit, on their own streets and in their own neighborhoods. The six nations banned were Iran, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen, all terrorist producing nations.

President Trump’s order would also, perhaps more importantly, have suspended the out of control refugee program for 120 days, limiting the number of refugees the United States takes in to 50,000 per year. Obama had jacked the numbers we were admitting up to 110,000 for the current year, in a typical assault on the safety of the American people and our quality of life.

The appeal comes one day after Obama’s Haole-hating Choom buddy made his temporary injunction a preliminary injunction, eliminating the temporary nature of his assault. Now it will go to the Ninth Circuit where anything goes, but this ruling is seen as being so far outside of the realm of proper legal conduct and a basis in the law that even the Ninth Circuit will likely see it as being a totally politically motivated and errant decision.

The DOJ is also appealing a similar ruling by an equally compromised and subjective “so-called” Judge in Maryland to the Fourth Circuit, also a liberal court.


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