TRIP TO BORDER Reveals – Trump Making Progress Despite DEM / RINO Obstructionism

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Back in the first week of May, the big news was that the budget would once again be a rubber stamp of what the current minority party, out of power in both chambers of Congress and the White House had dictated to the majority Republicans. The White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer and OMB director Mulvaney were trying to put the best spin on what many saw as another near complete capitulation. They had no money for a border wall but had somehow managed to finagle $1.5 billion for repairs to the existing structures.

Some of the slides that Spicer and Mulvaney were using as representative of what was going on were of work they said was ongoing in Naco, AZ. I just happened to have a couple of friends in Naco, Marie and Bob, so I asked Marie if what Spicer was saying was accurate, that this was new work. She said she didn’t know but offered to go find out sometime over the next couple of weeks.

They went to the border fence and got video of the area around Naco. The work that they were speaking of that was supposedly part of the $1.5 billion was not the Naco work, as it was complete by the time they went on May 17th. It may be representative of what they plan to do.

In many ways the situation is much better than it was three years ago when Marie and Bob made a similar trip to the border for me. Some of that footage is included in the new video to illustrate the levee wall problem as it existed under Obama in 2014 and how it is better today. It’s the difference between gaping holes and an impenetrable barrier.

Pausing for a moment to admire Border Fence for as far as the eye can see – Video Below

They pause for a moment to admire the fence for as far as the eye can see, shortly after they were forced to turn around due to the steep and rough condition of the road, to seek out a bypass. Once around the obstruction they find what they were looking for, the new seven miles of fencing of a different, sturdier and less easily penetrated style.

As luck would have it, Marie remembered she had just learned that the last section of fence going in had been the subject of a May 10th article by Emily Thurlow in their local paper, the Sierra Vista Herald. It provided a timetable with which to verify the statements made by Spicer and Mulvaney. It also pointed to the fact that these improvements were all started this year, meaning President Trump deserves the credit for setting the priorities and making what had been ignored by his predecessor a priority. According to Ms. Thurlow:

  • The final replacement panel along the U.S.-Mexico border near Naco’s Port of Entry was installed Tuesday afternoon. [May 9th]
  • Funding was approved last year as part of the fiscal budget for 2016,” he said.
  • Work began in January. Michael Hyatt, who serves as the patrol agent in charge out of the Brian A. Terry Station in Naco said $42 million was allocated for the project, but since the totals came in below budget, they have been allocated toward a different project.
  • Tucson Crews from Granite Construction – headquartered in Watsonville, California – completed the replacement of an estimated 7.67 miles of the antiquated pedestrian fencing.
  • Granite Construction manufactured the large steel pillars and erected new fencing to replace stretches of Vietnam-era landing mats and mesh fence.
  • The improvement initiative isn’t complete yet, however. In addition to replacement fencing, the overall project includes road improvements, and improvements to low-water crossings. Hyatt noted the various types of culverts that will prevent erosion and be able to provide constant access around the border throughout the year.
  • In the past, monsoons have cut off certain areas until floodwaters have subsided. Sometimes we’d have agents respond to the area to try to ensure access immediately,” he explained.

She noted that these improvements are slated to be completed next month. Hyatt added, “While this is the last panel for this project, we hope this isn’t the last,” hoping more much needed replacement work will be taking place along the border.

So work is proceeding as Spicer and Mulvaney indicated, although not at levels we had hoped to see, due to leftist obstructionism. Plugging holes is important too and there were areas in which the fencing had been washed out in addition to the open washes.

In addition to replacing failing sections of border fencing, it’s past time to replace the many failing and corrupt Congressman and Senators who are working against us, so we can get this operation up to speed. And term limits, can’t forget about that. The President can only do so much on his own, particularly when he’s surrounded by cowards and subversives. Just ask, Mr. President, we’re here with you. We want to see a lot more of this.

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