Trapped Clapper – No WireTap Authorized By FISA Court, No Permission For Obama Tap

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Chuck Todd questions former Director of National Intelligence under Hussein Obama James Clapper on President Trump’s accusations that he was wiretapped by Obama during the campaign. Todd asks, “If something like that happened, would this be something you are aware of?”

Clapper replied, “I would certainly hope so. I can say, obviously, I’m not, I can’t speak officially anymore but I will say that for the part of the national security apparatus that I oversaw as DNI, there was no such wiretap activity mounted against the President, the President-elect at the time, or as a candidate or against his campaign.”

Clapper says, “I can’t speak for other Title 3 authorized entities in the government or a state or local entity.” Todd clarifies, asking, “If the FBI for instance, had a FISA court order of some sort for a surveillance, would that be information you would know or not know? Clapper responds in the affirmative, with Todd acknowledging, “You would be told this, if there was a FISA court order on something like this.”

Clapper adds, “Something like this, absolutely.” Todd asks, “And at  this point you can’t confirm or deny whether that exists?” He says flatly, “I can deny it.” Todd says, “There is no FISA court order.” “Not to my knowledge,” Clapper says.” “Of anything at Trump Tower,” Todd adds. Clapper says emphatically, “No.”

It’s an important declaration, particularly if evidence of a wiretap exists and it is revealed that it was conducted by the Obama regime on its own, outside of the required approval by a FISA court. Clapper’s statement would reinforce any evidence indicating a rogue White House operation.

There’s always the possibility, remote as it might be, that Clapper knows of an illegal wiretap and is doing his part to expose the illegality or make it clear he had nothing to do with it by going on the record and “innocently,” to the best of his knowledge, stating none was authorized. That would be a much more honorable and statesman-like approach than we might expect, one that would be indicative of loyalty and fidelity to the United States rather than a dictatorial individual or the shadow globalist government. 

Of course Clapper could be lying. That same “not to my knowledge” type of phraseology was used on another, previously more infamous occasion when he lied in Senate hearings about wiretapping regular American citizens. He stated at that time that the NSA didn’t collect any type of data at all on millions of Americans, “not wittingly,” that if some were to be gathered it would be accidentally, collaterally. That statement was later admitted to be a lie.

It’s also possible that President Trump was fed some bad information by members of the “Obama holdover treason force” still in sensitive positions within the government. He could have been set up, it’s certainly become a favored activity of the leftist who are attempting to steal power.

Three years ago the posture was similar and and some answers proved to be lies.

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4 Comments on Trapped Clapper – No WireTap Authorized By FISA Court, No Permission For Obama Tap

  1. Jeff Brodhead // March 8, 2017 at 11:25 am // Reply

    Yeah, how about those “FISA” approvals by Lynch, I read about today?
    No FISA court involvement, when BS-Barry’s minions have their heads so far up Barry’s backside, they can read his mind.

  2. Lying eyes…Rats in a knot.

  3. Emerald Robertson // March 6, 2017 at 12:52 pm // Reply

    The only problem with ASSUMING that Trump is stating this based on possible bad information is that the Secret Service REGULARLY sweep a Presidents homes, etc. for listening devices. What is more probable is that they did so, found the tap and the Sh&* hit the fan and the SS THEMSELVES have started an investigation into the matter. I do not see our President making unproven statements and being that reckless. Yes, Trump can fire back with the rest of them, but in case you haven’t noticed, he is learning and tempering himself. Making a statement such as this without any foundation would not be in his best interests and I don’t see him being that stupid. MAYBE the media needs to go to Trump and ask him and ask the RIGHT questions. Like did they find some evidence of this, how and why?

  4. TONYA PARNELL // March 6, 2017 at 7:28 am // Reply


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