Paul Ryan is hiding behind a stunt by Rep Jeff Denham and others in league with open border Democrats to force upon Americans the illegal amnesty we don’t want…

ryan gutierrez

Patrick Henry was a legendary American patriot who should in no way be confused with the current chief deputy whip of the Republican Treason Caucus in the US House of Representatives, Patrick McHenry.

McHenry is a traitor, organizing the sellouts in the House into open border capitulation to the globalist Democrats, granting amnesty to squatters, rewarding them for violating our national sovereignty and encouraging more to make a run for the border. No problem, illegals, Americans will support you and we never run out of borrowed money.

McHenry said on Thursday that the immigration discharge petition, a stunt that Ryan and the other establishment sellouts are hiding behind to pass the amnesty their Chamber of Commerce masters are so desperate for, will get the number of signatures needed to force amnesty upon the American people.

Of course it would still have to pass the Senate and President Trump would need to sign it, but we’ve been sold out before, it’s familiar territory. The Chamber of Commerce and globalists own an even higher percentage of the Senate, and we’ve already been given that uneasy feeling by President Trump on DACA amnesty on multiple occasions.

The scheme of a discharge petition lets Ryan and the corrupt leadership, including his puppet and heir-in-waiting Kevin McCarthy, off the hook, they think. It’s the individual members doing it, they tell us, and beyond their control. Of course if they wanted to stop it they could by simply cutting off the campaign money before the midterm elections. They’re clearly lying to us once again, thinking the stupid peasants won’t realize their betrayal until it’s too late.

That discharge petition has 23 RINO signatures and needs only 2 more, which McHenry says he is sure he has, to join with the globalist Democrats voting as a bloc, and give them control over which bill of four passes. It’s treason against the nation, their Party and their constituents. Hopefully those citizens won’t be shy in expressing their outrage as the sleazy politicians head home for the Memorial Day recess.


This little twerp, Patrick McHenry, is helping Ryan screw Americans over with amnesty.

McHenry said, “There’ll be two more” RINO Republicans, what he termed as moderates. He said once those signatures are in place, the only way to stop his discharge petition would be “coming up with a path forward that preserves all of our equities in our conference and figuring out the path to 218” on an immigration bill moderate and conservative Republicans can support.

That isn’t going to happen, so the American people are once again getting the blade in the back, working to support foreigners we don’t want here in the first place, who are being forced upon us by Democrats disguised as Republicans.

There’s a reason why this is called a discharge petition. Perhaps excrement petition would be even closer to what it really is. Never trust a so-called Republican in a bow tie. He’s waving his libtard identity flag, for those who know what to look for.

Regardless of whether this bill, ends up being passed in the House and Senate or if President Trump signs it, Jeff Denham, its driving force and the other sellouts in Congress who are signatories, as well as any of the swamp creatures who vote for it, should lose their seats this November – period. The same goes for any Senators due up for reelection. If they vote for amnesty, make it one of their last acts as a former member of the corrupt sellout, anti-American Congress.


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