Top Politicians’ Email Shows Lynch Obstructed For Clinton, Quashed FBI Probe

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The news and developments are coming quickly as the twisted Democrat web begins to show the first signs of unraveling. Gregg Jarrett starts off the segment with an article of his that asks whether James Comey and Robert Mueller are now co-special counsels. The concept is similar to one expressed here in an article yesterday, asking if we aren’t willing to make Comey the special counsel why is Mueller any more acceptable.

Jarrett says, “You have to wonder,” and goes on to note that “The special counsel law specifically says that you may not serve as special counsel if you have a close personal relationship with a key pivotal witness. Comey is obviously that pivotal witness. They’re close friends, close allies, close partners, they were joined at the hip at the FBI and the DOJ, so it’s incomprehensible that Mueller was chosen.”

Jarrett adds, “The acting Attorney General who appointed Mueller should fire him, because he has a glaring conflict of interest. He should never have accepted the position to begin with but I wouldn’t expect Rod Rosenstein to now fire the guy he had just hired a short time ago.” Jarrett recommends an independent panel to look into everything.

Sekulow looks at it from a different angle, that James Comey is somehow not a witness. He reminds the audience that Comey testified and stated multiple times that the President was not under investigation.  He says, “Does that just mean that there is no witness because there was no obstruction of justice? I think this goes back to the main point in that what are we investigating here? What are the taxpayers spending here?”

He addresses the actions of Comey as FBI Director, and asks what’s the basis for the investigation -“I don’t see it.” He reminds us that there has already been nine months of this and no evidence has been uncovered in that long, exhaustive, expensive process.

Hannity gets to the breaking news that Sarah Carter has to make public, that during the testimony of Comey behind closed doors which followed the public hearings last Thursday, he revealed a conversation between himself and then-AG Loretta Lynch, in which he presented her with evidence he had acquired of a conversation between two prominent politicians in which they confirmed that Loretta Lynch would quash any investigation into Hillary Clinton.

Carter describes the situation as she understands it when Comey supposedly confronted Lynch, with her not denying anything, merely staring at Comey in what was described as a “steely silence,” and then her sending him out of her office. Hannity clarifies, “So she is basically saying she’s covering for Hillary Clinton.” Carter points out that the information is verifiable, but the document itself is classified so the revelation had to be done in a closed door setting.

As has been said before, there’s collusion with the election alright, but neither the Russians or the Republicans had anything to do with it.

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  1. I worked in an engineering dept where the manager made all sorts of memos with variations so he had a self covering memo for what ever problem cropped up. So when honest Comey writes a memo instead of doing his job we need to accept that its all up and up. Of course.

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