Top FBI LAWYER Under COMEY MUELLER Investigated As Deep State CLASSIFIED Leaker

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Sara Carter of Circa News dropped a bombshell in an interview on the Sean Hannity program. She’s learned and verified through three different sources that have direct knowledge of the facts that James A. Baker, the current General Counsel for the FBI, is alleged to be under investigation for leaking national security classified information to the media.

She says she hasn’t yet been able to learn the specific as to the information leaked, but notes that if the allegations are true, it will be devastating for the FBI. She notes that currently within the FBI they’re scouring through everything in search of leakers, that they really want to clean house, a high profile rat inside would be a crippling blow.

They’ve got a lot of high profile rats, in a series of dirty cops, from Mueller to Comey to McCabe and surely many less notorious other deep state operatives filling out their ranks under their corrupt direction. He worked closely with both Robert Mueller and James Comey for the entirety of their tenures at the FBI.

Baker controlled much of the deep state surveillance decisions and direction for the FBI and Department of Justice

His Wikipedia page sheds considerable light on just how potentially devastating a corrupt James A. Baker could have been to our national security. In  1996 Baker joined the Office of Intelligence Policy and Review (OIPR). This government agency handles all Justice Department requests for surveillance authorizations under the terms of the 1978 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, advises the Attorney General and all major intelligence-gathering agencies on legal issues relating to national security and surveillance, and “coordinates” the views of the intelligence community regarding intelligence legislation

In 1998 he was promoted to Deputy Counsel for Intelligence Operations. From May 2001 he served as Acting Counsel, and in January 2002 was appointed Counsel. In January 2014, he was appointed General Counsel of the FBI.

It’s interesting, with the questions regarding improper surveillance by the Obama regime during the last “go for broke” year of the crooked Obama regime, that this individual currently under investigation had control over surveillance authorizations and significant influence over advice and direction given to intelligence gathering agencies. Equally important to the actions advised is the knowledge of methods of preventing illegalities from being discovered. Time will tell to what degree, if any, Baker was engaged in such practices.

Returning to the video, Sean Hannity says, “This is the deep state that we have talked so much about” and asks  Jay Sekulow is this is the beginning of getting to the bottom of this. Sekulow responds, “This is not somebody that’s just with the FBI. Mr. Baker is the FBI’s general counsel. He’s the chief lawyer for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. And if he leaked information, national security information or anything else, for that matter, he needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”

He points out that he was the General Counsel when Comey was FBI Director and “we know that James Comey did not hesitate to leak information, including information about conversations he had with the President of the United States.”

He says the fact that this person in this sensitive position is facing an investigation of this nature puts the entire national security apparatus of the United States of America at risk.”


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2 Comments on Top FBI LAWYER Under COMEY MUELLER Investigated As Deep State CLASSIFIED Leaker

  1. Do I find this surprising? Not at all! Do I believe it entirely? Well, let’s just say that there has been similar things spewed for the last 7 months and nothing has happened. They need some kind of “Rocket Docket”, to cut through all of the red tape, when they find a leaker. Once it is verified who the leaker is, prosecute him/her to the fullest extent of the law, plus, making sure the leaker misses 19 or 20 steps on the way down the stairs. They’ll have plenty of time to recover… Welcome to Hussein’s legacy, corruption beyond belief and then some!

  2. Does anybody in this country still have faith in the FBI? I personally lost all faith in them when Comey pulled his stunt, then Rosenstein appointed Mueller to “investigate”. If there were anybody decent still in the FBI, they should have come forward and denounced them. They didn’t, so there isn’t.

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